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Super Awesome Clothing Swap in LA

L.A.: Clothing Swap hosted by Sarah Morrison

L.A.: Clothing Swap hosted by Sarah Morrison

Attention M.I.S.S Crew:   You have a special Spring Cleaning assignment, if you are lucky enough to be in the LA area.   Follow the trail of balloons and head down the alley off of N. Normandie between Sunset Blvd and Harold Way in  Los Angeles. If you think your lost, just look for Zankou Chicken or Parus. This will lead you to the home of Sarah Morrison, Online Editor of Missbehave magazine. She along with a fantastic cast of Hollywood style will be hosting a clothing swap/super awesome event this Saturday, April 4th. Sarah, along with Olivia, Gina, Lauren, Erika, Jessica, and Birdy are set to host the swap with special guests. You should get there between 12-4pm, the earlier the better. Bring cash!  If you’re lucky, some items to exchange will be accepted.  Good luck!

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