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Ripple Bluetooth Headset Totally Not Ugly

Ripple Bluetooth Headset clasps on like an earring.

Ripple Bluetooth Headset clasps on like an earring.

Most Bluetooth headsets do a great job of making you look like a low-rent, wannabe, Secret Service agent, but they aren’t exactly fashionable.  What if a headset could look more like a fashion accessory for the tech-savvy ladies out there?  Introducing the Ripple from designer Ilya Fridman.  Inspired by smooth, fluid soundwaves and the ripples in a still body of water, this headset looks like a clasp earring in order to discreetly blend in with the rest of your outfit.  Flipping the microphone down activates the talk function, and once you’re done on the phone you can flip the microphone back to its upright position and use the headset as an MP3 player.   It’s not available for retail just yet, but word on the street is AT&T hopes to make this an exclusive product and release it very, very soon.

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