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QUEENZ ARRIVE Exhibit at McCraig-Welles Gallery in Brooklyn!

QUEENZ ARRIVE Exhibit at McCraig-Welles Gallery, Brooklyn

QUEENZ ARRIVE Exhibit at McCraig-Welles Gallery, Brooklyn

QUEENZ ARRIVE is bringing the cream of the crop together, with female graffiti artists from all over the globe coming together to exhibit their talent. If you are in NYC, you would be crazy not to make it down to see the best of the best all in the one spot.

Artists include: Abby, Claw Money, Mickey, Hera, Nina, Fafi, Siloette, Acet, Zori4, Spice, EGR, Koralie, Klor, Femme9, Sherm, Martha Cooper and Indie184.

This event is going to be killer with a fierce line up of women that dominate the street art scene. You can peep the exhibition opening on Friday, April 10, 7-10pm, with the show running until May 4.

Read the full story for details on the event:
McCaig Welles Gallery
129 Roebling Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211 Phone: 718.384.8729
Web: www.mccaigwelles.com Email: info@mccaigwelles.com
Hours: Monday: Closed Tues-Fri: 11-7pm Sat-Sun: 12-7pm
Directions: Subway: L train to Bedford Avenue or JMZ Train to Marcy Avenue

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2 Responses to “QUEENZ ARRIVE Exhibit at McCraig-Welles Gallery in Brooklyn!”

  1. Jana says:

    OMG! I would kill to be there!

  2. Destroyplace says:

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