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Princess Leia Mimobot Winner!

Leanne Rodriguez is the Princess Leia Mimobot winner

Leanne Rodriguez is the Princess Leia Mimobot winner

We received many entries with great answers!  Many of you deserve the Princess Leia Mimobot, but we could only select one winner – and that person is Leanne Rodriguez.  Congrats Leanne!  Check out her devotion:

I’m am tickled pink that you are doing this contest, because when it comes down to amazing women in fictional roles, Princess Leia takes the sticky bun [the cake]! Everything from her demeanor to her clothing speaks volumes of just how classy and well-respected she is. Although her role in the series starts out as a damsel in distress, her character perseveres and becomes one of the most honored heroes of the Galactic Civil War. She had a strong and out-spoken personality and extremely bright intellect, and not to mention she was the YOUNGEST [18 years old!] senator in the Galctic Alliance. And let’s not forget how amazing she looked I her metal bikini… I mean, that was just outrageously fabulous!

But, when it comes down to it, this contest is awesome because now I have a chance to boast about my Geekish-tendencies! I feel like all my years attending Comic Con have boiled down to this moment and I would be so thrilled to have one of those MIMOBOTS, and a Princess LEIA one at that! She is amazing, beautiful, smart as a whip, and men can’t resist her- she is the ultimate woman, and I can’t wait to plug her into my Mac!

Although I know it has been my own personal choice in doing so, and I should have never done it if I was going to complain about it afterwards…. But 2 years ago, the theme of Comic Con [San Diego] was STAR WARS- so what is a girl to do? Dress up as Princess Leia, that’s what! It was fun and all, but after posing for about 300 pictures and fulfilling the fantasies of every nerd that’s dreamed about a latina Princess Leia [with the largest buns in the convention, I might add]. I felt it was my own personal duty to dress up and portray the best character of the series! After nine grueling hours of walking, and posing, and smiling, and sweating, and dodgeing guys with the worst B.O this side of galaxy, I think I deserve this prize! I have to admit, when I was younger, I hated watching star wars with my older brother! He used to watch it every week and for some reason, I would sit alongside of him and endure the zaps, sabers, and that intense Darth Vader song, AND THE ONLY REASON I DID IT WAS SO I COULD SEE THE PRINCESS! [and the ewoks…]

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One Response to “Princess Leia Mimobot Winner!”

  1. Sasha says:

    Lol a true die hard!…
    She deserves it!


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