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Portrait of Sylvia Elena by SWOON & Tennessee Jane Watson

The subject of the video above is of a massive instillation entitled Portrait of Sylvia Elena by the incredible street artist SWOON and fellow artist Tennessee Jane Watson. Both women visited Juarez Mexico, the site of the infamous Juarez Femicide. Since 1993, about 400 women have been killed, all were young, most were raped. There are still more women that have been abducted or are missing. These crimes have never been solved and continue to this day.

The subject of this piece is Sylvia Elena, a 17 year old girl who was one of the first Juarez women to be killed.

[The pair] lead gallery patrons to subterranean levels of mourning. The ground floor of the show depicts murder victim Sylvia Elena, presiding over her own vigil and missing-person posters, as a sort of patron saint to the hundreds of women who have been abducted and killed in Juarez, Mexico, over the last decade. Below, a crack in the gallery floor reveals a pathway to a dusty and jagged exhibit that echoes with a recording of Sylvia’s mother, Ramona, recounting the tale of her daughter’s abduction. The candle-lit crawlspace illuminates Swoon‘s tender wheatpaste mural of Sylvia — adorned with butterflies and covered in dust. [Regina Bresler, Flavorpill]

via Bust Magazine

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