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Manimal Has The Moccasin You Love!

Moccasins by Manimal

Moccasins by Manimal

Here in Australia the moccasin has always been a type of slipper that you see your grandma wearing whilst in her dressing gown. Recently a more stylish twist to an old, comfy favourite have been seen popping up all over the world, and if you are in the market for a pair you should pop on over to Manimal’s new online shop.

Not only are their shoes striking with a mix of both earthy and bright colours, but the same colour ways and patchwork-esque, Native American style is reflected in their handbags too.

The new Spring/Summer collection is a must have for the fashion conscious, with the line made of recycled leather scraps, with some moccasins being vegetarian/vegan friendly.

Moccasins by Manimal

Moccasins by Manimal

Pieces are created with no more that three craftspeople to ensure your moccasin, handbag, necklace or earrings are of the highest quality, so head on over to the Manimal Online Shop to grab a piece you can hold on to forever!

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2 Responses to “Manimal Has The Moccasin You Love!”

  1. naeva says:

    love the navy and fuchsia fringe booties!

  2. RLNC RLNC says:

    Never thought I’d so “those are some dope moccasins” 😀


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