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Laeken SS09: Say Hello to Your Newest Obsession

Laeken SS09

Laeken SS09

If you wanted to search for one over-arching theme in Laeken’s SS09 collection, you’d be hard-pressed to do so. Ironically, the one element relating each piece from Laeken’s latest collection could best be described as originality.

You’ve probably never heard of Laeken, so let M.I.S.S. be the first to turn your senses onto this brand that’s sure to make waves in the near future. Laeken is the brain child of Mallyce Miller, who’s utilized her traveling experiences to bring you a collection that’s a culmination of global influence. Laeken’s Web site likely bears the only description that does the brand justice: “…a cool and casual feel with sexy silhouettes inspired by Tokyo street style and Australian sportswear translated to multi-dimensional pieces of comfortable, contemporary chic with subtle urban sensibilities for effortless day-to-night dressing.” Laeken also forgoes the use of leather and fur in its clothing, opting instead for less harmful fabrics. If that’s not enough to pique your fashion interest yet, take into consideration the fact that the Los Angeles-based brand donates $1 per piece sold to charity Friends of Toms, which supports global philanthropic work.

Laeken’s finger-less gloves, available in plaid, tie-dye, or solid colors.

Laeken’s finger-less gloves, available in plaid, tie-dye, or solid colors.

Continue reading to learn more about the SS09 collections and to see our favorite pieces!

Laeken SS09

Laeken SS09

And now for the actual clothes, Laeken’s got pretty much every Spring trend covered. The Porto romper is a perfect example, an easy outfit for those hot summer days when you’re too lazy to piece together an outfit yourself. The tie-dyed Osaka dress is also an easy choice for spring afternoons, ideal for a picnic with friends. For a form-fitting option, check out the heather gray Kingston dress – effortless simplicity plus a sexy cutout back detail is always a chic choice.

Kingston dress by Laeken

Kingston dress by Laeken

One of the most versatile pieces of the collection is the Darwin Jacket, which can also be rocked as a vest; plus, the high-collar ensures you’ll be the center of attention. For serious eye-catching accessories, pair this biker chic piece with Laeken’s finger-less gloves, which are available in plaid, tie-dye, or solid colors. A springtime staple, the SS09 collection also includes its fair share of tees and tops in prints ranging from plaid to tie-dye.

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  1. Isis Nicole Isis Nicole says:

    thanks for turning me on


  2. Ro W says:

    how ingenious the gloves. love them!

  3. Vicki A says:

    love the comfort of laeken

  4. Jillanna says:

    Sizzling. Love your stuff.

  5. brooke says:

    after seeing this blog post, i was on a hunt to find laeken. i got the amazing austin tank from their ss09 collection from! i absolutely love it!


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