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We Got the Beat: Janelle Monae

We Got the Beat: Janelle Monae

We Got the Beat: Janelle Monae

Hailing from Kansas City, Kansas, Grammy-nominee Janelle Monae renovates R&B with her robotic and bluesy style. Her one-of-a-kind mix of soulful cabaret expresses lyrics beyond basic human companionship, entering an ultramodern interstellar story of love, identity, and amity.  From her fantasy tale “suites” (or EPs as chapters to her collaborative project ) to an upcoming film and graphic novel, Janelle Monae is quickly establishing herself as an architect of musical fantasy.

We Got the Beat: Janelle Monae

We Got the Beat: Janelle Monae

After high school, Monae made the decision to attend New York’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Let down by the small amount of roles provided for African American’s pursuing Broadway, Monae left her school for a move to Atlanta. In her bio, she says:

“I had an intuition about Atlanta. I knew that really creative people like Outkast had come from here, so my subconscious was telling me that I should stay. I felt like this could be a place where I could start my own movement.”

Atlanta was a clever move for Monae, indeed, as she performed at open mics, various colleges, restaurants, and eventually caught the attention of OutKast’s Big Boi. He offered Monae a feature on his project Got Purp? Volume 2 in 2005 and later made way for her release of Metropolis: The Chase in August of 2007, the first of four suites. After Monae posted a few songs on her MySpace, including the soon-to-be internet hit “Violet Happy StarsP.Diddy got in touch with her, signed her to Bad Boy Records and re-released Metropolis.

Janelle Monae is quickly garnering attention to those who have seen her perform, as she is known to put on quite a show. In a February Pre-Grammy performance at the Mondrian, Monae was filmed jumping into a pool and then climbing a tree – talk about entertainment!

We Got the Beat: Janelle Monae

We Got the Beat: Janelle Monae

Creator, dreamer, songstress, businesswoman, boss lady, inspiration, the future. It’s safe to say MISS Janelle Monae you’re incredible!

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4 Responses to “We Got the Beat: Janelle Monae”

  1. JacqueRoxx says:

    I love Janelle day I WILL see her live! :)

  2. Isis Nicole Isis Nicole says:

    in the bridge of “Many Moons” there is a lot of deep lyrics thrown out there. i had to listen to that part a couple of times after getting chills.

  3. dana says:

    Ladies, awesome post. Just want to point out that you say Kansas City, Missouri, but Janelle’s bio on her site says Kansas City, KANSAS. There’s a difference, as anyone living on either side of the state lines with tell you!! :)

  4. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Dana,
    Oops! We fixed it. Thanks!!


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