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Help Swoon & Swimming Cities for Venice Biennial

work by Swoon

work by Swoon

Street/installation artist, Swoon, is admired worldwide. She has major works in MoMA, PS1, Tate Modern and at galleries such as Deitch Projects (NYC) and Gallerie L.J (Paris). Her larger than life woodblock prints and cut paper portraits can also be found on walls in various states of beautiful decay in cities around the world.

Her recent projects designing, building, and organizing fleets of rafts and most recently the “Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea”, a large-scale installation at Deitch Projects in New York City received broad attention, including a photo spread on the front page of the NY Times Arts section. Built with materials salvaged from demolished buildings in the New York City area, and powered by bio-fuel converted motors, Swoon’s boats are monuments to the dense urban ecologies that grow spontaneously from the needs of a culture responding to the constraints of its geography and the pressures of its time.

“I just wanted to bring something absurdly joyful”

– Swoon about the Swimming Cities

This year, Swoon’s plans are much, much bolder – her new floating installation “Swimming Cities of Serinissima” involves connected rafts that will sail the Adriatic Sea from Slovenia towards Venice in time for the Venice Biennale. These three sculptural rafts will bring music, performance, and a cabinet of wonders to Venice that will have been collected on the journey.

Continue reading to learn how you can own a piece by this iconic artist and how you can help Swoon make a future project a reality…

The relevance of this project at this time cannot be overstressed. Swimming Cities of Serenissima is an endeavor of hope amidst widespread anxiety, over-consumptive ways of life, and potential economic collapse.  This work is an over-the-top, boldly staged means of stating that it is not too late for us to create a new way, and new hope, with the elements and tools that are already at our disposal.

Currently two rafts have been created with a third in the making. A crew of 35 artists, performers, activists and home-brewed mechanics are working in Slovenia to make this happen.

To raise money needed to make this project happen, Swoon has been selling her work at numerous fundraisers and events with support from Deitch Projects, Black Rat Press, Build It Green amongst others, but the project still needs further funds.

Help Swoon and Swimming Cities

Help Swoon and Swimming Cities

To help make this project a reality and to own a piece by this iconic artist, various pieces are available for sale.
Serenissima (above)
Edition of 250, signed and numbered,
designed by Swoon specifically for this project
2 layer silkscreen, approx 20″x20″
Price: $150. ($160 for international shipping)

Sold exclusively through

Switchback Sisters (left)
Edition of 106, signed and numbered

Seven layer silk screen print on tea stained archival paper, approx 32×11 inches
Taken from 27 foot high paper and wood sculpture which formed the center piece of the “Swimming Cities of Switchbaak Sea” installation, and will be a part of the new Serenissima raft.
Price: $700

Available at

Other pieces are also available through:

Finally, for serious collectors of there’s a piece called “Milton” which is a portrait of the artist’s father which will also be built into the sculptural elements of new boat. The piece is linoleum block print on mylar, approx 3 x 8 feet, with edition of 20. Price is available by request by emailing the artist’s studio

For more info about Swoon’s new project, please visit the links below:

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