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“Heart-Wrenching & Vein-Popping” Mixtape for “Je M’aime”

Heart-Wrenching & Vein-Popping Mixtape for Je M’aime

Heart-Wrenching & Vein-Popping Mixtape for Je M’aime

Need a mixtape to up your heart rate? One of the first ladies of the DMC Competition, DJ MiRandom, dishes the pulse-racing hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s to keep that body rockin’ non-stop. Along with founding member of Most Official Bitches Crew, Nire, they’re releasing the mixtape for Nire’s accessory line “Je M’aime”, a gorgeously-opulent line of jewelry inspired by Egypt. So while you’re waiting for the “Heart-Wrenching & Vein-Popping download to complete, browse through the Je M’aime website to check out her wares (24k pink gold vermeil!) and plan your outfit accordingly.

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One Response to ““Heart-Wrenching & Vein-Popping” Mixtape for “Je M’aime””

  1. Illy P says:

    This mix is dope!


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