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Beautiful All-White Leica M8 Special Edition

All-White Leica M8 Special Edition

All-White Leica M8 Special Edition

German camera maker Leica is back with another limited edition version of their M8 digital rangefinder.  After dropping the special Safari M8 earlier this year, Leica looks to release this striking all white version (which I’ve tentatively dubbed the “Ice Box”) sometime around the summer.

Like the original black M8 (and the other special editions out there), this camera takes 10.3 megapixel shots and is compatible with all of Leica’s M series lenses.  Users can snap pictures in either “snapshot” mode, which adjusts all settings for you and is great for amateur photographers, or go completely manual if they want more control over their shots.  Either way you’ll end up with some beautiful photos, as the cameras CCD sensor is specifically designed to deal with the high requirements of the M series lenses and customized to help users take exceptionally great photos.

There’s only going to be an extremely limited number of these bad boys released, and if past special edition prices are anything to go by it’ll probably cost you several arms and legs to purchase…maybe even a few kidneys and your first born child.  But if you’re in the market for a gorgeous camera that’ll take equally gorgeous pictures, then start stacking that paper now.

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  1. Dee Dee says:

    those camera’s are stunning!


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