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Another Rendez-Vous With Chester French

Get Familiar with Chester French: Jacques Jams Vol. 1 Endurance

Get Familiar with Chester French: Jacques Jams Vol. 1 Endurance

Back in November, I hipped you all to Chester French. I’ve been seeing them pop up in more and more media outlets as of late, so I’m back to hit you all with the latest chapter in the Chester French saga. With the help of Clinton Sparks, Chester French has released their new mixtape, Jacques Jamz Vol 1: Endurance – featuring the artistry of some old faves, new hit makers, and fellow up and comers on the scene, such as Diddy, Pharrell, Talib Kweli, Lady GaGa, Mickey Factz and Janelle Monae. After the jump, check out the tracklisting, and you can download the mixtape at ChesterFrench.com. Their album Love The Future drops April 21st.

CHAPTER 1: Starting A Band

2. 2 Mans starring Solange
3. Skit: “Sick Party”
4. No Parents Allowed starring N.O.R.E. & Kardinal Offishall
5. Out At The Compound

CHAPTER 2: Trying To Be Cool

6. Skit: “Chloe Jones” starring Cassie
7. The Jimmy Choos
8. Campus Kingpin starring Pusha of The Clipse
9. I’m So Tall starring Bun B., Talib Kweli & Mickey Factz

CHAPTER 3: Realizing Being A Nerd Is Cool

10. Skit: “E-piphany”
11. Nerd Girl starring Janelle Monae
12. Skit: “Going to LA, Holmes”

CHAPTER 4: Arriving In LALA Land

13. Skit: “It’s All For You”
14. What A World with Common (Produced by Pharrell Williams)
15. She Loves Everybody
16. Skit: “Get Familiar” starring Ben Lyons & Clinton Sparks
17. Ciroc Star starring Diddy & Jadakiss
18. Skit: “Mad Rapper”
19. Lady GaGa “Love Game” (Exclusive Chester French Remix)

CHAPTER 5: Becoming A Douche Bag

20. Skit: “Losing Yourself”
21. I’m Sorry starring Wale
22. Skit: “Endurance Lost”
23. Life in LA starring Pharrell Williams & Jermaine Dupri

CHAPTER 6: Regaining Your Hard On

24. C’mon (On My Own)

CHAPTER 7: “Love The Future”

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3 Responses to “Another Rendez-Vous With Chester French”

  1. Isis Nicole Isis Nicole says:

    i wonder how much longer i have to wait on this mixtape. i signed up for my free download tuesday night, got an email saying “you’ll be the first to know…” blah blah blah (i’m sure everyone who signed up got the first to know spill lol) and now it’s THURSDAY with no mixtape

  2. Isis Nicole Isis Nicole says:

    oh my goodness, right after i sent that comment i checked my email and now i have it :D!!!

  3. Rachel T. rachie says:

    oh yesss i got this too!! loveee chester french!


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