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Amanda Lopez Interview in Sneaker Freaker

Amanda Lopez interview on Sneaker Freaker

Amanda Lopez interview on Sneaker Freaker

M.I.S.S. favorite photographer extraordinaire, Amanda Lopez, is featured in the latest issue of Sneaker Freaker.  Amanda’s photos have appeared in Mass Appeal, XXL and The Source.  She’s worked as Estevan Oriol’s assistant and had several Vans True Story Exhibitions which detail her adventures – all through her kicks.   Her latest project has her paired up with Lori Lobenstine’s Female Sneaker Fiend on a book project called “Girls Got Kicks.”

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amanda on over a year’s worth of Mama look books.  I can tell you first hand that Amanda is not only a talented photographer, but she is so easy to work with and has a way of directing models that puts everyone at ease and let’s everyone’s true beauty shine.  Learn more about this rising star on Sneaker Freaker, where they’ve sat down to chat with Amanda Lopez.

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