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Agent Provocateur Brings Sexy Back!

Agent Provacateur Swimwear 2009: Lora

Agent Provacateur Swimwear 2009: Lora

Summer is just around the corner, making this the season to be looking for the perfect beachwear that brings your sexy back for 2009. And you can’t really get much sexier than luxury lingerie brand, Agent Provocateur. With their new collection of swimwear, there will be no more swimming and a lot more sexy-time posing on the beach; you don’t really want to hide your goddess body adorned in hot Agent Provocateur under the sea now, do you?

Agent Provacateur Swimwear 2009: Allie

Agent Provacateur Swimwear 2009: Allie

Agent Provocateur is a brand that definitely knows the meaning of sexy and seductive. So much so, the brand may as well be filed under ‘sexy’ and ‘seductive’ in the definitions of a dictionary! Famous for their saucy lingerie which is designed to release one’s innermost desires, Agent Provocateur really does embody the risqué lifestyle. They have also translated this through their new range of swimwear, letting us know that the seductive sirens do not just reside in the bedrooms. Agent Provocateur has never failed to bring out the sexy confidence in all the ladies, and they have done it again with their new swimwear collection. Designed with deep décolletage and cut-away sides, these swimwear pieces are bound to make you stand out on any beach across the globe. Whatever your preference, Agent Provocateur has designed something for everyone: from the front cross-strap, monochrome two-piece, to the Über sexy mesh panelled one piece and through to the 60s inspired piece with oversized buttons.

Continue reading to see more pieces from the new range.

There is no better opportunity than now to re-enact the slow, sexy and alluring, emergence from the sea to the beach scene for you beau! A tad cheesy yes, but HELL!, you look damn sexy, so you may as well make the most of it!

The winter blues are over, and so is the need to hide your beach body under layers upon layers of clothing.Throw away that rancid, poor-excuse-of-a-bikini your mama got you 5 years ago and hit up Agent Provocateur! What better way is there to get your sexy game back on the beaches this summer than with Agent Provocateur’s latest swimwear range?

All pieces are available now through their website, with pieces starting from $110. 



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