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Wonder Woman Blu-Ray DVD Winners!

M.I.S.S. congratulates to Danae and Zavi - Wonder Woman Blu-Ray DVD Winners!

M.I.S.S. congratulates Danae and Zavi - Wonder Woman Blu-Ray DVD Winners!

We have 2 winners for our Wonder Woman Blu-Ray DVD Contest! We had many great entries but we chose Danae & and Zavi!!  Check out what they had to say about Wonder Woman:

Danae said:

Wonder Woman was the first female super hero to break into the mainstream. I love her because she’s given girls like me a comic book to enjoy that wasn’t just for the boys. She has allowed female characters to be something other than the male super heros girlfriend,vixen,or lady in distress. Although there were some great characters before her, she was the only one who came from an influence of only women and managed to take on the toughest fights facing the universe. Everything she is and does represents what women aspire to be. Tough yet compassionate,smart but not intimidating, and beautiful but not conforming. I love comic books. I’ve studied them and taught myself how to draw in my own comic style. Im in my first year of college and im excited because my dream of working in the comic book industry has just begun. Wonder Woman has inspired me to be greater then i thought I could ever be and Im sure she has for many others.

Zavi stated:

I love Wonder Women because she’s Amazon royalty ,a Super Heroine ,and one of the ultimate fictional female warriors. She’s strong beautiful and has her OWN mind, shes does what’s right even if it means going against what the crowd, or even what her mother /her people think. Although she’s powerful and capable, she knows she is not perfect, she’s always willing to learn more, to be helped, and to consider another point of view unlike some male super heroes.


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  1. ladylexx Lexx says:

    Congrats ladies!


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