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Women Making History: Radio Rose Garcia

Radio Rose

Radio Rose

Like Radio Raheem (yep, I reference him again!), Radio Rose is known around the way…but unlike Raheem, Rose rocks “Bamboo earrings—at least two pair!”

Along with rockin’ bamboos, Rose is known for rockin’ dance floors (NYC!), photo shoots (MissBehave Magazine) AND the blogosphere (Around The Way Girls)! One of those alone is enough to honor this lady for doing her thang!

Today, M.I.S.S. Crew salutes, Radio Rose!

Above: A look at Rose’s “office space”…I want to go to there…

Step into Radio Rose’s world via a survey, Q&A, and lots of pics, after the jump!

Above: She’s fun! She’s cute—Ladies, meet Rose’s BFF!

Below: He’s fun! He’s cute—now, meet Rose’s BF!

Badtz Maru and crew make an appearance below!

Below: Rose and a Cool Guy

A Q&A session with Radio Rose:

1. What woman, besides your mom or grandmother, do you find inspirational?

Few people know that I was actually in school wanting to be an OB-GYN yea imagine me delivering your babies! haha. Well, Elizabeth Blackwell was always a hero of mine growing up, she was the first Female Doctor, my dad a pediatrician had bought me a book about her in 4th grade and I would read it constantly. I was amazed that it was so hard for a woman to do a job they felt destined to do, it really molded my way of thinking and helped me see that you can achieve anything you work hard for.

2. How did you get your start?

I had a brief design stint from 2000-2002, from there it say it wasn’t for me, I was too young and had a few people take advantage of me. All the while I had always worked Visual Merchandising at my Part-time Retail jobs. I figured if I’m dressing mannequins, who’s dressing the real people? I asked a few of my contacts that I met through designing about styling. I was linked up with a Stylist Donald Lawrence and I assisted him for about 4 yrs. I learned immensely how to work with different clients as well as how to utilize it as a business. From there I made a lot of connections and I started assisting several Fashion Editors until slowly but surely I started to get my own jobs and editorials, and 7 yrs later, I haven’t stopped!

3. What’s your favorite project you have worked on?

WOW recently there have been SO Many I don’t know where to start!! I have worked on my first set of Music Videos with Sophia Fresh and Nina Sky which were a different experience for me from working on Editorials  and Ad Campaigns.You don’t realize that in reality, Videos are alot calmer to style than an editorial, because you usually want to give yourself a proper fitting session so you can save time. I also am a big fan of singing in the mirror while I’m doing my hair or makeup so in a sense having people all dressed up and lip synching makes me feel normal.

…on set with Sophia Fresh

The ladies of Sophia Fresh dressed by Radio Rose…

4. If you could style anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Someone else asked me this and I’ll answer the same Phyllis Hyman, the 80’s R&B singer, she had such class and grace, I would always imagine styling her, and dressing identical to her, or keeping her outfits!!

5. What part of your process is the most challenging and do you dislike the most?

I have to honestly and whole-heartedly say that I don’t dislike any part of my job. When my head hurts, my bones ache, my knees shake I still go to bed with a smile and the satisfaction that I feel so very blessed to have the opportunity to express myself in something I love. although….. it would be nice to have a personal driver but just for showroom appointments and pickups 😉

Elizabeth Blackwell, Phyllis Hyman…I’ve learned so much!

Below we share with you more of Rose’s work…

…we’ll end this feature here with Rose and her fabulous hero…

If you want to get up with Rose, you can contact her at any of the below:

Missbehave Magazine Fashion Market Editor:
Freelance Stylist
Writer of sorts:

…and, as always, you can catch Rose blogging at and!

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  1. Illy P says:

    Gooo Rose! <3

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    Rose! Super Fly Stylista!!! <3 <3

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    i would like for you to style me im a u and comin singer and i like your work hit me up on thanks


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