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Women Making History: M.I.S.S. Michelle

Michelle Kwan says she’s a “relatively normal girl” just trying to do her thing like everybody else but this lady is next level! Every Tuesday, Michelle comes at the world with new beauty picks and tips in her column M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Picks and Tips of the Week. She is always on point, puts in the time and does the research to bring our readers the latest and greatest in beauty products and we are more than proud to have her as our first Women Making History 2009 feature!

Get to know a little more about Michelle:

I love all aspects of fashion and publishing, and until recently, I worked for Time Warner in advertising, getting my start as an intern at Surface and Intersection magazines. I’ve also worked in fashion design and marketing, with clients like Chanel and Jurlique as well. For M.I.S.S., I write a weekly beauty blog called M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Picks and Tips of the Week.

I love the artistic mediums of style and fashion, culture and writing; through which, my goal is to creatively help people enjoy beautiful and healthy lifestyles. I feel inner beauty, outer beauty, self-esteem, and self confidence are all very tightly and complexly interwoven, and play a critical role in the well being of women today. The beauty blog is intended to assist women in their beauty options and purchases as there are such an overwhelming amount of competitive products in the cosmetics market. My reviews are based on my personal experiences with each product, and I carefully consider all the following when I make my assessments: Quality, value, accessibility, and pricing. I like to use a variety of products ranging in price point and accessibility, for I think beauty is attainable at all income levels, and bearing in mind the troubled state of our economy, I recently started to integrate RECESSION BUSTER Tips and Picks to represent the more discerning consumer akin to myself. I particularly like the research involved in my D.I.Y. Beauty Tips, cause if you can make it yourself and make it naturally, AND for less money, you definitely should give it a go, plus it’s fun.

above: a shot of Michelle’s “research” for M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Picks and Tips of the Week.

I’m also fascinated by the development of personal style; what people perceive as an expression of themselves and how all this is outwardly reflected back into the world, and how one’s sense of style changes and evolves. I’m intrigued as I watch the evolution of my own sense of style along sides that of my peers, and personally, I like to combine interesting pieces, with a keen fondness for vintage, in a way that is edgy, interesting, yet still quintessentially feminine, and of course sexy, with a dash of fun.

I think society still tells us it is erroneous to be a strong woman. M.I.S.S. is great because it helps foster a multitude of artistic female interests.  M.I.S.S.’ focus is not on the Britney Spears/Paris Hilton tabloid culture associated with many other fashion blogs, and Liz and Gabriella do a great job with this representation, so I’m very happy being a contributor.

•••••••• Below is a fun rundown of things that make Michelle who she is: ••••••••

Name: Michelle Keomi Kwan

Hometown: Alameda, CA (SF Bay Area)

Turn Ons: Things that are funny, texture, culture, exquisite craftsmanship, complexity, simplicity.

Turn Offs: Apathy. Dull taste buds. Too cool for school-ness.

Favorite Toy as a child: Barbie and the Rockers (they had the raddest baddest outfits ever!)…

…tied with the Jem Rockin’ Roadster (as in the Jem and the Holograms’car).  It was so fabulous AND functional as well. It had a radio in the back trunk, okaaaaaaay!! Talk about pre-hyphy!

Favorite toy as an adult: My Himalayan cat, The Babette.

Languages: English

3 Favorite Albums:

1. Information Society – Information Society

2. Purple Rain Soundtrack – Prince

3.Roxy Music – Roxy Music

Superpower: To be able to conjure up meals with a bop of a head, kinda like I Dream of Jeannie, since nothing is more torturous than being hungry….well, maybe being heartbroken is, guess I’d like a magic wand to zap broken hearts too.

Most inspired statement heard or said:

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty.But at fifty you get the face you deserve.” – Coco Chanel

I hope the corners of my mouth stay upturned at fifty and beyond.

You can also find Michelle’s personal blog at:

If you are interested in having Michelle contribute to your website/blog/publication/company on a marketing consultant/PR or editorial basis, she can be contacted at:

There you have it, Ladies! Our first Women Making History post for 2009! We’ll be featuring a new lady everyday so head back our way to see who’s making history!

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  1. KayBe says:

    Michelle is beautiful! And I love reading her beauty tips!!! <3

  2. Mari says:

    your beauty tips are so rad.


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