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Women Making History: Mae aka ILL P

Today we honor Mae Luksanapol, aka Ill P, a lady of many talents. She is the founder, event planner, and resident DJ of the infamous bi-weekly Ill Party Wednesdays event in NYC. Ladies Night at Ill Party is known to be one of her staple events, a very special night created by the ladies FOR the ladies with amazing giveaways & an all-female talent roster. In addition to her roles as an event promoter and an established female DJ, this Thai native (raised in Queens) is also a freelance graphic designer. Mae is currently does sales for the brand Good Wood NYC.

A devoted and professional DJ, Ill P’s craft is shown all throughout her party rocking sets. With the unique blends of hip hop (old school and new), R&B, and reggae sounds; her mixing shows versatility and an extensive passion for music. With her every set she proves that female DJs don’t lack talent and aptness to play on vinyl. She holds a residency at the Delancey every other Wednesday nights with DJ Teddy King & at Katra Lounge every other Thursday nights with DJ Jon Blak. Ill P is always holding it down & repping it for the ladies and all those that show her love.

A slide show of some of Ill P’s past events/parties:

Much much more from this busy lady, after the jump, including a handwritten survey, M.I.S.S. Crew Q&A, a video and pics pics pics! JUMP!

Ill P & Jenny of Yours Truly Brand at LAB Boston

Above: Ill P & Kerri of Good Wood NYC (who we featured on Thursday, March 5th)

“Table the label, and wear your own name...”

Now for some Q&A with the lady herself, Miss Ill P:

1.  What woman, besides your mom or grandmother, do you find inspirational?

I really don’t have one specific woman that I look up to. I find all
the ladies in the world (past & present) that are grinding and doing
it big very inspirational to me. There’s always a woman at the
beginning of all wonderful things!

2.  How did you get your start?

I started going to raves in high school & I was always blown away by how a DJ has the ability to control a huge crowd. Throughout the years, I’ve become friends with talented DJs that continually inspired me to get into this craft. I saved up my waitressing money and splurged on turntables when I was 19. I started out with some drum & bass and jungle records. I tried to learn how to mix on my own but it was hard! I didn’t practice much until I moved to Brooklyn and learned everything from scratch (no pun intended) using hip hop records. Up until today I still practice as much as I can. I’ve been rocking parties for about two years now.

At about the same time I got into DJing, I started promoting for Konkrete Jungle, the world’s longest consistently running weekly jungle drum & bass event in NYC. From there, I really got into nightlife/event promotions that eventually lead to the birth of Ill Party Wednesdays.

3.  What’s your favorite event you’ve ever put together?

‘Nuff of the ‘Ruff Stuff, my first ever Ladies Night event in collaboration with Princess of the Posse & Black Mamba. It was extensively fun to plan out this party. Everyone that came out had a great time. I think it’s a wonderful thing to promote and showcase women talents from all over. We also got some fresh “Ladies First” totes printed up with our sponsors’ logos on it (including MISS & Mama!) as part of the giveaways. I’m a big supporter of the female movement!

4.  If you could work with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Weegee aka Arthur Fellig! His street photographs are raw and amazing. Weegee had an ability to convey a story with each of his night photos. He captured great emotions in every shot ranging from crime scenes to that of everyday life in NYC. Weegee compiled a unique and compelling body of work during the 1930s-50s era. It was love at first sight when I came across his work.

Crowd at Coney Island by Arthur Fellig, 1940.

5.  What part of your process is the most challenging and do you dislike the most?

Wednesday is a tough night to throw a party. I pretty much plan and execute every Ill Party Wednesday nights (putting together the line-up, the theme, creating the flyer, online promos, guest list, inquiries, etc). Sometimes I feel as if there’s not enough time in a day to handle everything and I feel like a stressed out one-woman machine! It really sucks when we get freeloaders that come in just for the open bar because this party is my hustle.The most challenging part about DJing is getting comfortable with the set up and equipment at all the different venues I’m spinning at. You must always be able to work with what you got and overcome the technical difficulties, even if you’re the most skillful DJ out there. The people on the dance floor will get an earful of you and they will criticize no matter what goes on behind the DJ booth. I never want to disappoint a crowd. It gives me such awesome feelings when I see people dancing and bopping their heads to my selections. I’m still rocking vinyl at parties and lugging all my records with me and have not yet made the digital transition. Let’s keep vinyl alive!

Above: Flyer for a monthly Ill P does with her main squeeze, Teddy King (pictured below).

Here the pair speak on ILL Party Wednesdays:

ILL Party Wednesdays from Kellen Dengler on Vimeo.

Above: ILL P & her DJ crew, the Stone Kutters:

DJ Teddy King, DJ Axis, DJ Mikestir, DJ Mirandom, DJ Machine, A2, DJ Sick Roc!

There you have it ladies! We’ve given you a little insight on who Mae aka Ill P is and we even introduced you to her crew! Now stay up and support this hardworking lady by checking out any of the links below:

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8 Responses to “Women Making History: Mae aka ILL P”

  1. Congrats To Mae. She’s doin big things in NYC. Congrats girl!

  2. DJ Machine says:

    MAE!!! DJ ILL P!!! This DJ is the real…. Talented, humble, hard working, professional, nose to the grindstone and driven harder than an F1 car, you can’t beat ILL P!!!!

  3. Kim says:

    xoxo love ill p- big ups for the photo of you @ LAB

  4. Pink Eye says:

    Dopeness all day! Congrats! Keep it up!

  5. TK says:

    ILL P is one of the realest & hardest working person I ever met. Love you ILLY!

  6. MAE Boogie…You already know…Ooooh it’s Ladies First / Ladies First !!!
    Stay grindin’ & climbin’ !!!

  7. KayBe says:

    I HEART ILL P!!!! Not only is she sweet and beautiful…She is the ILLEST VINYL junkie and really knows how to throw a party!!! Luv U Mama!!! <3 KB

  8. Illy P says:

    Thank you so much for all the comments!
    Love you guys<3!!


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