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Women Making History: Kerin Rose of A-Morir

A-Morir is a one-of-a-kind accessory line created by a lady who’s as unique as her poducts: Ms. Kerin Rose. For having a relatively young brand, word of this lovely and ecclectic soul is spreading fast. From the NY Post to MTV’s “The City” people are taking note.

The lady we honor today, as a Woman Making History, introduces herself below:

Hola. I’m Kerin Rose, owner/designer of A-morir. The accessory line, consisting of Swarovski encrusted glasses, headpieces and necklaces, has been around since the middle of this past October [2008]. I’ve been featured in Missbehave /,, NY Post, NY Observer, AOL’s Stylelist blog,, the Urban Outfitters blog, I’m repped on MTV’s “The City” by the lovely Erin Lucas, and my Bizet frames were just in Jazmine Sullivan’s “Dream Big” video for 5 seconds… which is 5 seconds more than before!!

In addition to A-morir, I am the girl “Friday”/clothing designer for The Savant Guard, an incredible Brooklyn based record label. I have recently become a blogger for San Francisco’s Fatlace AND! I am also training for my first half marathon in 10 years with the Chrons and Colitis Foundation of America while my sister and I work on developing our 501c3 non-profit called We Love Your Guts. Please go to to see what we’re about and help me in my fundraising efforts!

Kerin has a lot of amazing things going on and she’s more than deserving of the shine! We’ve got more on this crafty lady, after the jump!

Ms. Kerin Rose dazzling in her hand encrusted frames…Love the colors!

A quick survey—on Kerin by Kerin—below!

Below are a few A-Morir pieces to swoon over:

The Opus headpiece

The Concerto headpiece

Brown Bizet Frames

Kerin’s  philosophy “go big or go home” is written all over these shoes…read more about Kerin and these shoes below:

1. What woman, besides your mom or grandmother, do you find inspirational?

I always feel it’s unfair to call out one person. I mean I could say Vivienne Westwood, because she was a revolutionary, is still creating amazing work, and has never given a fuck” which is true, but as far as daily inspiration it’s inaccurate. My inspiration truly comes from my female friends who wake up every day and work hard to make their shit happen.

2. How did you get your start?

I’ve been painting since I was 5 and making stuff forever. A-morir as it stands today has only been around since mid October of 2008. I was in the world of alternative marketing and decided to take the time to figure out what I wanted my life to be. I had been approached by a buyer at Patricia Field about a purse I made she saw me carry, went in to talk to her about it, and wound up getting a job there. A few weeks later I made my first pair of glasses, and less than a week after that they wound up in the New York Post. And I figured it’s now or never.

3. What’s your favorite piece that you’ve created?

Oh man. It’s impossible to decide! My first pair of fully encrusted converse hi-tops will forever hold a place in my heart; they took 8 hours to make and cost roughly $300 to produce. My first pair of glasses are also up there – because they were the first piece I did that people lost their shit over and made me think “maybe you’re on to something…”

4. If you could create a piece for anyone who would it be?

Here’s the shortlist: CHER, Gwen Stefani, Miss Piggy, Amanda Blank, MIA, Pink, Tina Turner, Lenny Kravitz, Lil Kim, Lita Ford, Grace Jones, Natalie Portman, Minnie Mouse, Isabella Blow (RIP)… I’m currently having their people call my people.

5. What part of your process is the most challenging and do you dislike the most?

Oof. Dealing with my own ego. I’ve always compared making stuff to tying my own shoes; it’s just something I can do. The creative process is very weird because you’re your own biggest critic and biggest fan. So when I’m sitting alone in my apartment at 3 AM and I just made a new sample I simultaneously think “Wow, you turned it out.” With “Are you kidding me with this crap?? Nobody is going to like this.” It’s a difficult albeit necessary process.

Above: Kerin and her signature reds and frames at a New York Times Inaguration party

We’re digging these words on the A-Morir website ! Read it and feel empowered!

It’s great, right?! Click the image above to visit the A-morir website and to see more of the accessory line!

Email kerin.rose at if you want to help Kerin take over the world…visit her Fatlace blog to follow her world…Check out The Savant Guard, a record label out of Brooklyn that Kerin’s friends founded and she’s the “den mother” and the clothing designer…and definitely please make sure you check out, a new blog promoting her fundraising efforts for Chrons and Colitis foundation of America.

Hope you enjoyed Kerin’s feature! Stay tuned for more Women Making History features throughout the rest of March!

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  1. yoshi says:

    yay kerin!!! woot woot!

  2. Amy says:

    Way to go Kerin, you rock!. We are so proud of you.
    Amy and Paul

  3. Isis Nicole Isis Nicole says:

    I am soooooooooooooo loving all of the WOMEN MAKING HISTORY!!!!!! Very inspiring.

  4. Tiggi Weinberg says:

    K!!! this is radi-cool! you are too radi-cool for words..but this summed it up just about right!! luv ya!! xx

  5. Yanna Beau YannaBeau says:

    KERIN! GURL we are so proud of yooooou! it was only a matter of time before the whole world found out how fucking marvelous you are.


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