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Women Making History: The Ladies of Club Zonder Filter

Last September there was a GEEK-OUT moment here at M.I.S.S. Crew, over the sneak peak of the European release of the L.A. Gear x Club Zonder Filter x Patta. Along with excitement, there was also a Keyser Soze moment that had people asking: Who is Club Zonder Filter?! Well, we’re about to tell you…

Club Zonder Filter is a young Amsterdam based marketing company and Creative Collective that develops concepts for brands and applies them to events and unconventional places. Josine & Kristel are the ladies behind Club Zonder Filter. They work for brands, festivals and cultural organizations in a bold and inspiration-driven way. They say:

We use arts, culture, treasures from the old box, childhood memories and the streets and implement them in our concepts.

THE CZF Crew also creates and produces creative and interactive side programs at events and festivals.In May 2008, they were honored as the “Mayors of the Amsterdam Nightlife” which meant that for the coming two years they were to try to boost the nightlife of Amsterdam with an event called Nuit Blanche (White Night).

That sounds like a cool gig, if you ask me!

Get to know a little more about Club Zonder Filter and watch some videos on the duties of being the “Mayors of the Amsterdam Nightlife,” after the jump!

Above is a collage of CZF’s limited edition collabo with L.A. Gear and Patta…

…if you haven’t already, you MUST check out the Sneaker Freaker exclusive with Club Zonder Filter! It’s a great feature on these ladies, the amazing shoe pictured above and the history behind L.A. Gear.

Can you guess what Kristel and Josine have a fetish for?

Above: The CZF Crew at their first expo…

The “Mayors of the Amsterdam Nightlife” doing what they do best at Mysteryland, one of the biggest Dutch festivals around…Check out the videos below to get a feel of the vibe:

Club Zonder Filter Motto: WE ALWAYS DO AS WE PLEASE…!!!

Stay up with the ladies on their blog here:

…or on MySpace:

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2 Responses to “Women Making History: The Ladies of Club Zonder Filter”

  1. Rachel T. rachie says:

    I was looking for these LA gears every where after I read about them on here, and no luck :-(

  2. CharlotteB says:

    I know these girls. They rock!

    p.s. the party’s they give; MASTER!!

    you should visit Amsterdam if you could


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