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Women Making History 2009: Week Two Round-Up

Hey Ladies! We hope you’ve been enjoying our exclusive Women Making History series for 2009, honoring Women’s History Month. Keep those comments coming! These ladies deserve the love!

We’ve reached the end of week two but there’s a lot more ladies we want to honor so stay tuned all month for more features, including our weekend Women Who Made History features.

In case you missed any of our week-two features, we’ve rounded them up below!

The Ladies of Week 2:

Sunday, March 8th: Judy Blume

Monday, March 9th: Mae aka ILL P

Tuesday, March 10th: Tee of

Wednesday, March 11th: Radio Rose Garcia

Thursday, March 12th: Kerin Rose of A-Morir

Friday, March 13th: Linda Smyth of Fleathers

Saturday, March 14th: Peggy Guggenheim

In case you missed any week-one features, we’ve rounded those up after the jump!

The Ladies of Week 1:

Monday, March 2nd: M.I.S.S. Michelle Kwan

Tuesday, March 3rd: Annie of Cubannie Links

Wednesday, March 4th: The Ladies of Club Zonder Filter

Thursday, March 5th: Kerri O’Connell of Good Wood NYC

Friday, March 6th: Kelly B. of Princess of the Posse

Saturday, March 7th: Joan Baez (singer/activist)

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