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Women Making History 2009: Week Four Round-Up

Women Making History

Women Making History

Week 4

Week 4

Week 4—Sunday, March 22nd-Saturday, March 28th—of our Women Making History series for 2009 has come to an end (um, ok…it ended a few days ago…but you feel where I’m going with this 😉 ) and although we’re staring the last day of March, aka Women’s History Month, in the face, we’ve decided to take this daily feature on till the end of the week. Yep. We’re running the series into the first week of April.

As GDK mentioned in her lateset Letter from the Editor, we have a lot in store for you lovely readers, including some big changes in the coming weeks and due to an amazing response on the series, we will be bringing you many more Women Making History features on inspiring ladies throughout the year!

For now, stay tuned throughout this week for more features!

Below is the Week 4 round-up:

The Ladies of Week 4:

Sunday, March 22nd: Gloria Steinem

Monday, March 23rd: Joanna Douglas

Tuesday, March 24th: Samia Grand Pierre of HighSnobette

Wednesday, March 25th: Esther Kim

Thursday, March 26th: Jenny of Yours Truly Brand

Friday, March 27th: Erin Magee of MadeMe

Saturday, March 28th: Madeleine Vionnet—”Queen of the Bias Cut”

…aaaand in case you missed any week one, two, or three features, we’ve rounded those up after the jump!

Week 3

Week 3

The Ladies of Week 3:

Sunday, March 15th: Martha Graham

Monday, March 16th: Leah of Married To The Mob

Tuesday, March 17th: The Ladies of Hottub

Wednesday, March 18th: Michelle ten of Missfitstyles

Thursday, March 19th: Isabelle aka Narcissister

Friday, March 20th: The Ladies of She-bible

Saturday, March 21st: Maria Callas

Week 2

Week 2

The Ladies of Week 2:

Sunday, March 8th: Judy Blume

Monday, March 9th: Mae aka ILL P

Tuesday, March 10th: Tee of

Wednesday, March 11th: Radio Rose Garcia

Thursday, March 12th: Kerin Rose of A-Morir

Friday, March 13th: Linda Smyth of Fleathers

Saturday, March 14th: Peggy Guggenheim

Week 1

Week 1

The Ladies of Week 1:

Monday, March 2nd: M.I.S.S. Michelle Kwan

Tuesday, March 3rd: Annie of Cubannie Links

Wednesday, March 4th: The Ladies of Club Zonder Filter

Thursday, March 5th: Kerri O’Connell of Good Wood NYC

Friday, March 6th: Kelly B. of Princess of the Posse

Saturday, March 7th: Joan Baez (singer/activist)

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