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Win a Wonder Woman Blu-Ray DVD

Attention comic fans in the midst of M.I.S.S.! if you don’t already know, Wonder Woman is the fourth installment of the DC Universe animated series. Even though it’s direct-to-dvd, everything from the animation to music score is top notch. You might even recognize Keri Russell (Felicity) as the voice for Wonder Woman. The dvd is on sale now but M.I.S.S. will be giving away 2 BLU-RAY DVDs and Wonder Woman tiaras to 2 lucky contest winners. As a girl who once rocked a Wonder Woman lunchbox in elementary school, I’m not ashamed to say I’m pretty stoked about this. Check the clip from the movie and you’ll see that this flick is no sugar and all spice. Whether you know the story behind Wonder Woman or not, the leading lady of DC Comics is bound to get you pumped with the feeling of female empowerment (just in time for Women Making History month). And if you have a man who appreciates comics, Wonder Woman, or women who can kick ass in general, this animated movie will be sure to please.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment telling us why you love Wonder Woman. We’ll select 3 winners from the comments. Good Luck and may the best comments win!!

** Update** All entries must be in by Monday, March 16th!

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15 Responses to “Win a Wonder Woman Blu-Ray DVD”

  1. Nathan says:

    Wonder Woman gets my love for (1) clearly being the niftiest DC superheroine ever and (2) having a successful TV show in the ’70s.

  2. ELROD says:

    Wonder Woman has always been the classiest bitch on the DC bill! or for the whole comic world for that matter! She’s tough, has heart of gold [i don’t know, maybe it’s made of kyptonite] she fights fo what is right , and who the hell can resist an amazon with a freakin’ whip o’ JUSTICE????? Wonder Woman is clearly a role model for all women, especially when it comes to kickin’ ass…in a classy red-white-and-blue kinda way. Someone get this woman a boot with a heel, STAT!

  3. Hannah says:

    I love Wonder Woman because she represents female empowerment, without the need of a man. Her character has shown kindness, strength, and honesty. Through the comic it shows just how she can take on men twice her size. Even in the comic she represents your everyday woman .. Also who doesn’t love a woman who can kick ass! haha Since the comic look how far women have gotten. Goodbye Housewife Hello WonderWoman

  4. Christopher says:

    I love Wonder Woman because she is one of the very few successful female superheroes! I think that they need more female superheroes for girls to look up to.

  5. JE-ME says:

    When I saw this post I was like OOOWWWWW WONDER WOMAN!! I love her so much that I was Wonder Woman for Halloween in high school because she’s not only sexy but also an icon. She has impacted me and many others through comic books to entertainment television as a powerful woman to stand up for herself and defeat battles in “man’s world” which is why I give my love to her. She’s my superhero! (.=

  6. Ryan says:

    Wonder Woman without doubt is the most iconic female super hero of all time! I have to respect any woman who is willing to save the universe with charm and power. Come on, everyone has got to have love for Wonder Woman.

  7. Kalani says:

    Wonder Woman is my all time favorite superhero because she is such a brave woman and an icon to me. I have been watching her for many years on shows like reruns of Superfriends and Justice League. She always wants to help people and save the world! She is usually pushed to the side for Superman and Batman to shine, so I am very happy to see that she has her own movie!!! I really want to see it, especially on Blu-ray Disc!!!

  8. Zavi says:

    I love Wonder Women because she’s Amazon royalty ,a Super Heroine ,and one of the ultimate fictional female warriors. She’s strong beautiful and has her OWN mind, shes does what’s right even if it means going against what the crowd, or even what her mother /her people think. Although she’s powerful and capable, she knows she is not perfect, she’s always willing to learn more, to be helped, and to consider another point of view unlike some male super heroes.

  9. Jerre says:

    I love Wonder Woman because she is someone that every woman or girl can look up too. She doesn’t have to depend on a man to do anything. She has the ability to fight off bad guys, solve the world’s problems, and isn’t afraid of anything. There are not many female heroes that people can name off the top of their head except for Wonder Woman. She is what women and girls should aspire to be like. Male superheroes always get the big attention, movies, and tv shows. So I think it is time for more women superheroes like Wonder Woman to lead the way. I am very happy that she gets to star in her own movie finally after having that one tv show.

  10. Lucy says:

    Is this contest going to end soon???

  11. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Lucy,
    Yes, the entries must be in by March 16th.

  12. Danae says:

    Wonder Woman was the first female super hero to break into the mainstream. I love her because she’s given girls like me a comic book to enjoy that wasn’t just for the boys. She has allowed female characters to be something other than the male super heros girlfriend,vixen,or lady in distress. Although there were some great characters before her, she was the only one who came from an influence of only women and managed to take on the toughest fights facing the universe. Everything she is and does represents what women aspire to be. Tough yet compassionate,smart but not intimidating, and beautiful but not conforming. I love comic books. I’ve studied them and taught myself how to draw in my own comic style. Im in my first year of college and im excited because my dream of working in the comic book industry has just begun. Wonder Woman has inspired me to be greater then i thought I could ever be and Im sure she has for many others.

  13. Samira says:

    I’m pretty young, but I know a badass, well written/drawn comic when I see one. And when it’s about a woman? Psh! Hands down, GREAT.

  14. Jessica says:

    Wonder Woman is the baddest bitch. She is fierce in flaunting her feminity, but she is no over-the-top slootfest. She kicks ass… and in she does it among giant 250lb men who also kick ass. There would be no Xena Warrior Princess or Sailor Moon without her. When do you hear a girl get called “wonder woman”? When she is taking names in whatever she’s doing. Wonder Woman embodies success and, well, wonderment in all females. Plus Keri Russel has a bomb voice! ♀

  15. Gabriella GDK says:

    Congrats to Zavi and Danae! Please check your email for instructions on how to get your prize!


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