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We Got The Beat: ThruYou, Kutiman Mixes YouTube


Genius. That pretty much says it all. I could just stop there and you could click the link and see for yourself. You would totally agree. BUT since I feel so strongly about this, I have to talk about it! Where to begin? Kutiman hails from Isreal and is a magic music man. You can peep his work on his MySpace page but this particular project, ThruYou, are master mix mash-ups of YouTube videos, creating original songs…thru you. He spans musical genres from dub to down-tempo electro jazz to chaotic Jungle madness. He credits every person who’s video he used to create the track/video. I am in awe and look forward to more.

Read more to hear more ThruYou andKutiman talk about the process of creating ThruYou.

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One Response to “We Got The Beat: ThruYou, Kutiman Mixes YouTube”

  1. Sistargirl sistargirl says:

    good find!!! i’m diggin this a lot especially since it’s finals week. =]


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