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UK Tour: Lady Luck Really Does Rule, OK!

Lady Luck UK Tour

Lady Luck UK Tour

The UK chicks have pulled the lucky straw this time round with interesting events happening up and down the country; something which will make all the USA ladies envious ;-). The Lady Luck Rules OK dream team are embarking upon a nationwide UK tour of independent events throughout spring and summer 2009, with more dates to be added for September onwards. These include vintage fairs (!!), craft markets, jumble sales (where the bargains be at), summer fetes and D.I.Y workshops for all the heads ready to get creative. LLROK designer Leona Baker and her team will be on their toes throughout 2009 to keep these events happening and not to mention, to keep their devoted customers happily busy through the rather long and tedious poor-excuse-of-a-summer that the UK sees!

Lady Luck Rules OK have come along way since their first market stall in Portobello Market 5 years ago. The cutesy fun jewellery business is at the height of their popularity, and is still going strong and forever growing, with plenty more tricks up their sleeves for the coming years. It has been an eventful 5 years for the LLROK team, and they have decided to give something back to UK, after all the love, support and cult following they have received.

M.I.S.S. has been supporting jewellery brand Lady Luck Rule OK from across the pond since the get go, with posts dating back to 2006. And who can blame M.I.S.S and the mass of LLROK followers? They must be doing something right to have so many fans and loyal customers, with plenty of new ones added everyday. If you have not heard of Lady Luck Rules OK then I suggest you click this link now! One of my favourites from the LLROK brand is their array of crazy personalised fashion jewellery! Call me narcissistic for loving my own, rather plain-Jane name, but there is just something oddly satisfying to have my name twice round my neck, and on my earrings. I know everyone loves their gold nameplate necklaces (myself included), but step out of the boundaries with one of the many unusual personalised necklaces that LLROK offers! They deliver all over the world so not a single lady is left out of the question!

Finally, something is happening in the UK. Being a Londoner myself and often reading about the fun going-on’s happening in and around the US on M.I.S.S, I can’t but help feel a tad jealous! But its all cool now seen as Lady Luck Rules OK are coming through for the UK ladies! If there is nothing happening in your area as of yet, be sure to keep checking back to the website for more dates and events to be added because the LLROK crew are not finished! Events have been planned for the Sheffield, London, Newcastle, Leeds, Norwich and Glasgow areas, so if you are around check it out! It will be bags of fun, with bargains to be had and you may even get to learn something new at their DIY workshops…oh and did I mention most of the events are free to attend?!

‘Spring Fling’ in Sheffield will be the first of many LLROK happenings in the UK, and will take place on Saturday 28th March, from 10am – 4pm. Check the LLROK website for more details, and do not forget to SPREAD THE WORD!

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