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Stay Fresh with Irregular Choice’s 10% Off Offer!

You know how we ladies love to stay fresh to death, from our heads down to our tippy toes! And boy do we love to stand out of the crowd, be it in kicks or shoes. British label, Irregular Choice offers creative and quirky shoes, which over steps the conventional fashion trends, making all their unique shoes bound to be head turners! Irregular Choice is currently giving their website a make over and is inviting all the ladies to join them on their “adventure” by signing up to their newsletter for regualr updates. What’s more, once the UK website has fully launched in June, you will get 10% off your first pair of Irregulars that are ordered online! Fulfil your feet’s desire, head over to Irregular Choice now and just enter your email address on the temporary homepage for this great offer! Now that summer is nearing we should put some of the kicks away and pick ourselves some sick killer heels, and what better selection than that of Irregular Choice?

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