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From the Classroom, to the Dance Floor, to the Streets . . . Saddle Oxfords for your Feet!

Throw on your bobby socks and jump on the saddle!  Saddle Oxfords, the traditional footwear for school-girls and sock-hoppers, are making a comeback outside of the classroom and off of the dance floor thanks to Elle Accessory Designer of the Year, Rupert Sanderson.  Sanderson’s design philosophy, “less is more,” truly shows in his version of the classic style. Keeping the simplicity of the original Oxfords allows for nostalgic feelings, but creating variation in the color updates the retro look. With saddles in navy, olive, and even red, Rupert Sanderson’s saddle shoe, the Dolly, will be the comfortable spring companion for anywhere you go, even if that’s back to class.

The Dolly is available exclusively at the London stores and on the Rupert Sanderson website.

Read the rest to find the store locations and to see who rocks n’ rolls in saddle shoes.

Who’s rockin’ saddle shoes?
The last time you saw someone in saddle shoes, it may have been on the playground. But now, as many traditional styles make a resurrection, more and more people are adopting this shoe.   Songstress Janelle Monae’s signature look includes a pompadour on her head and saddle shoes on her feet. Not only can she sing (and I mean, sing), her energetic stage performance proves that saddle shoes were made for dancing, no poodle skirt required.

Rupert Sanderson
33 Bruton Place, Mayfair,
London, W1J 6NP
T: +44 (0)207 491 2401
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2a Hans Road, Knightsbridge
London SW3 1RX
T:+44 020 7584 9249
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Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday 11am – 6pm

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