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We Got The Beat: It’s Burning Up Over Here!

We Got The Beat: It’s Burning Up Over Here!

We Got The Beat: It’s Burning Up Over Here!

Every once in a while a boost of energy could be used especially after a hard day of work.  Being in the midst of all this recession fiasco, purchasing a drink to keep you awake for 5 hours isn’t always in your budget’s best interest.  Lucky for all lovers of the electronic sound there is Automatic Panic; refreshing musical creators here to enhance the joie de vivre all day, everyday, at any time (oh and I forgot to mention, FREE download!!)

A part of the latest collection of remixes from Automatic Panic vs DJ Cat NYC is Madonna’s Burning Up. I have to say their spin on the original song gets me in the mood to do the D.A.N.C.E.

Although baile funk currently influences my mood for the night life, the Burning Up remix maintains a house vibe similar to a techno trance that can make anyone move and shake regardless of their genre preferences.

If you happen to be looking for a song that gets you ready for the night or you just need a song that gets you through the rest of the evening (hey, or even to start your day!) I highly recommend you listen to and add this track to your playlist now! It will do your ears some amazing kind of good.

Click here for download.

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