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Life 2.0 by OHW2007: To Email, Or Not to Email

Life 2.0 by OHW2007: To Email, Or Not to Email

Life 2.0 by OHW2007: To Email, Or Not to Email

After a first date, is it correct to send the first email back saying thank you for a great time? I’m perplexed as to when I should allow homies to take the lead.

The Professional:

Don’t be perplexed, your question is valid. There are way too many unwritten rules about dating and many of those unwritten rules just don’t translate in today’s social climate. In addition, technology has changed the way we communicate with each other. To answer your question, I don’t see anything wrong with sending the first “thank you” or “I had a great time” message. There is nothing wrong with being excited and honest. However, I do think that the message should be communicated through calling rather than emailing or texting. Text messaging and email might be easier and less confrontational, but they are both emotionally disengaged. There is nothing like the excitement of talking to a new interest on the phone or in person. Although at times actual communication tends to be awkward and disjointed, the heart palpitations and uncomfortable pauses make life worth living.

The Jerk:

What are you, a ho? Just kidding. If I was a chick, I would wait. Let dude squirm. Nothing like a girl that plays hot and cold at the infancy stages of a relationship. Girls, if you want to know if your dude is down, you have to play the hot and cold routine. Nothing crazy like one minute saying “I think I could fall in love with you” and then avoiding dude for two days. But, a little of the reserved attraction goes a long way. Stare into his eyes, play with your hair, you know, all that shit you do that drives a dude crazy. But you have to stop there. Nothing overtly sexual, no kissing with the tongue, humping, rubbing, poking, pulling, twisting, petting, or physical until it is absolutely impossible to avoid or two months, whichever takes longer. I know, I know, but shit works. You have have no idea how powerful you are in a relationship. I hate saying this, but once give up the goods, a dude’s attention fades like hunger after a big steak. Patience is the trick and usually separates the scum from the rest.

Oh, and use the fucking phone when dealing with someone you have interest in. If you want to know if someone is down for the cause, listen to their damn voice and look into their eyes. Hell, you don’t need to know someone’s name to respond to their email or text.

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One Response to “Life 2.0 by OHW2007: To Email, Or Not to Email”

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    BWAHAHA! What’s “Twisting”?!

    This was a good! But just to confirm, when it comes to dating & technology it should be:

    Call > Text > Tweet > AIM >Email > Myspace >Facebook > Google Search > stalk?


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