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Ladies, Spring 2009 Belongs to Stussy

Stussy x Hellz Bellz “Ladies First!!” capsule collection

Stussy x Hellz Bellz “Ladies First!!” capsule collection

It seems as though Stussy have decided to spoil the ladies for 2009, setting the bar high for what is to be expected in the future of the women’s streetwear game.

Stussy has yet again shown that they know how to please the girlies, giving us exactly what we want. Not only have they recently dropped the dope Stussy x Hellz Bellz “Ladies First!!” capsule collection, but they have also added their new, super sweet Spring 2009 women’s collection to the list. Their new collection consists of sporty sundresses; with that touch of the feminine ‘wind-blowing’ flow that is necessary in any type of sundress, staple summer logo tees in Stussy’s recognisable, yet timeless, style and also some of the hottest, graphic printed swimwear to hit beaches all over the world. Ok, so not all the women across the world are as fortunate as, say the MISS Ladies based in San Francisco – with the sun blazing high most of the year and ‘blue-sea-yellow-sand’ beaches that are easily accessible. Yes, I am talking about us, the UK ladies, with our greenish brown seas and pebble decorated beaches. So what do we do if we want a piece of the fun Stussy swimwear line, with no beaches to wear it on? Well, rock a Stussy one-piece with a pair of jeans, a light cardigan and some fresh kicks, and your outfit is set to go. No one has to know that it is originally a swimsuit, just be careful when you need the loo ;-)!

Stussy x Hellz Bellz “Ladies First!!” capsule collection

Stussy x Hellz Bellz “Ladies First!!” capsule collection

Stussy’s Spring 2009 women’s collection is available online (via StussyDirect.com) and in all Stussy Chapter stores now, along with the super fun swimwear line! And whilst your there, check out their “Ladies First!!” collection – well what’s left of it anyway!

Read the full story to see more images from the new collection.

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6 Responses to “Ladies, Spring 2009 Belongs to Stussy”

  1. BetseyJ says:

    I love all the colors, and they make me actually want to wear a one piece bathing suit. Is the top piece a romper/jumper? Its so great.


  2. Isis Nicole Isis Nicole says:

    monokinis are a must!!

  3. Illy P says:

    I’ve been a fan of Stussy for years! Always exciting to see their new collections.

  4. Bri says:

    i love the tropical print swimwear.

  5. RLNC RLNC says:

    I’d be impressed with Stussy’s expanded womens line but it looks too much like stuff that Insight51 has done. Especially the first bathing suit. But I’m game if it costs less than Insight 😛

  6. Alicia says:

    I love the jumper…perfect summer outfit


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