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“Ladies First!!” Stussy x Hellz Capsule Collection

WOW-WEE!! It seems that the ladies are in for a treat this Spring/Summer 2009. We have moaned and groaned about the lack of up-to-standard goods available in the women’s streetwear game, from the lack of sneakers to the lack of threads. Even though it has taken this long for the market to realise that there are women who dig streetwear, it seems that we have finally got what we wished for!

Stussy, who is well known for their collaborations with various famous brands (including Nike), has finally come together with top women’s streetwear label Hellz Bellz to create the “Ladies First!!” collection for Spring 2009. Who would have thought, eh? Women have been out of the loop for some time now, so Stussy has definitely done the right thing with this LADIES-ONLY collection! The collection of t-shirts, tops and accessories in tones of black, white and pink, is rather small but boy does it deliver! With the best of both worlds, in the sense of the mix of creative geniuses of both street style king Stussy and queen Hellz Bellz, you really will be stylin’ in these garments come Spring time. This line will drop on 7th March 2009 in premium streetwear retailers and Stussy Chapter Store.

Our very own BusyLady Baca had a chance to meet up with the Hellz crew last week in Los Angeles, snap some detail shots of the goods and ask Ms. Lawn a few questions about this special project:

1. How did the collaboration with Stussy come about?

As a graphic designer, I’ve always been a huge fan of what Stussy had to offer for their men’s graphic tee collection but always wished that they’d offer the same styles for their women’s line. One day I saw that my girl Wendy (Nitrolicious) was doing a Stussy giveaway on her site, so I hit her up and asked for her Stussy contact. I wanted to let them know that I’d be down to do graphics for them and/or do a collaboration if they were interested. I ended up getting in contact w/ Brynn and she said that they’d love to do a collab tee which made me really psyched but then I thought, “why not ask them to do a whole Hellz x Stussy capsule?” and figured there was no harm in asking… if they said no, at least we still a tee and if they said yes then, all the better. And well, of course… they said yes, I jumped up and down and started knockin’ out some designs.

Continue the read to hear more from Ms. Lawn and see more picts!

At the time I was designing the line, I had been really interested in Russian criminal tattoos and learned a lot about the male and female (specifically the female) prisoners and what their tattoos symbolized in their world behind bars… and I came up w/ One World One Crime… Ladies First, and used different elements of their tattoo art and at the same time created my own variations. At the end the collection was a perfect blend of true Stussy and true Hellz.

2. Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

Well, I’m a bit biased because I designed the collection… I can easily say that I love it all!!! But if I had to choose, I’d say the jacket. The oversized side pockets and contrast thread coil zipper that zips all the way around are details that I love on that piece. You’ll see me rockin’ that a lot this spring :)

3. Any future plans with Stussy?

I’d love to continue designing some graphic tees and cut and sew for them but what I really really want to do with them is… I want to do a World Tour tee but w/ me and other female graffiti / graphic designers. I think that would be dope!!! I’m actually gonna hit them up about that today.

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  1. Nasia says:

    ive been waitin for forever for this to come out. FINALLY! its even hotter than i imagined.


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