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“Not Fair” by Lily Allen: New Video!

Lily Allen presents Not Fair (music video)

Lily Allen presents Not Fair (music video)

English woman attempts American folk?? Okay, so you already know it’s Lily Allen! She premiered her latest video Not Fair this Saturday. According to the Allen News, “Not Fair” is “one that Dolly Parton herself would be most proud of.”

I’m thinking cowgirls, rodeos, buckles, and wranglers . . .  my impression of a southern fantasy! It makes sense for the theme of the video to match the sound of the song (which sounds a bit like a classic western.) Seriously, listen closely and I promise there is a hint of banjo!

“Not Fair” is about an ideal relationship on the basis of respect, love, and maturity. But when it comes down to business in the bedroom, nothing is the least bit of wild. What’s a girl to do but sing, “It’s not fair!!” This song is a genius look into the female blues and goes to show that no one can have it all.

Be sure to check out the video below to be part of the hoe-down fun!

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3 Responses to ““Not Fair” by Lily Allen: New Video!”

  1. Rachel T. rachie says:

    WOW..lily as blunt as ever, “I spent ages giving head”…pahahah! I like this song tho! the video is odd, but it matches the sound! which i really like!

  2. Shanny. says:

    So, now I know from a previous interview that she
    1) does anal &
    2) gives head.

    I won’t judge her .. watever floats her boat ..

  3. Lady Bee says:

    this is how I feel about MTA.
    I am getting a bike!


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