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I’m Just Sayin: Who Are You Calling Whiny?

I’m Just Sayin: Who Are You Calling Whiny?

I’m Just Sayin: Who Are You Calling Whiny?

One of our readers sent us this tip about some condescending words about ladies in the latest Krudmart newsletter.  In attempting to sell women’s product to women, he insults us – repeatedly.  First, he says that “whiny little girl who I pay not attention to” complain to him about carrying more women’s product.  Then, he speaks to his male shoppers and states that having women’s product is good for them because now they can  “check out some chicks” while they shop.

Jeeeeez, where do I begin?  Let me make a list for you Steve . . . .

1.  Here’s a little business advice – don’t insult your prospective customer.  They won’t buy from you.

2.  To call women “whiny little girls” is offensive on 3 levels:

  • “Whiny” – Just because we have an opinion does not make us whiny.  Seems like you want women to be silent and just nod their heads in agreement.
  • “Little” – I’m guessing that this has less to do with stature and more to do with how you see women generally.  Your misogyny disgusts me.
  • “Girls” – If we have a credit card and can buy from your site, we’re probably older than “girls.”

3.  Don’t insult us and apologize in the same sentence.  It makes you look silly:

“Ususally this comes from whiny little girls who I pay no attention to (sorry girls) . . . “

4.  Don’t insult our business advice, and then take our business advice.  It makes you look even sillier:

“Ususally this comes from whiny little girls who I pay no attention to (sorry girls) . . .  but they do have a point women spend money on clothes.  With that said we are proud to present our biggest collection of women’s clothes yet.”

5.  Don’t talk about us a) as if we’re not even there; and b) as objects that are just around for your viewing pleasure.

“Don’t worry though dudes aside from getting to check out some chicks, there’s plenty of new stuff for you too.”

Ladies, shop where you want, but I wouldn’t support someone that clearly does not understand the weight of his words.  If you ever see more of these kinds of rude, misogynistic messages – let me know and I’ll let ’em know what we think.

Steve, good luck finding female customers, or a girlfriend for that matter – I’m just sayin’.

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33 Responses to “I’m Just Sayin: Who Are You Calling Whiny?”

  1. Joanna says:

    I have to say, Steve’s letter is off base. That said, he has been a good friend of mine for years and I’m not a girl who puts up with this type of crap. I’d tell him it was wrong, and he’d say, you know what, it was meant to be a joke, but you’re right I took it too far and the humor was off.

    I know him well, and he is a good friend and a sincere and sensitive person who treats women with a great deal of respect in person. On the internet, well, he’s from Buffalo. His take on snark and sarcasm meter is way off, and not to justify his error, but I’d like to urge you to cut him some slack. I know he didn’t mean it, and was trying to speak in a language to “bro down” with his clientele, that perhaps unfortunately does value this type of humor.

    Steve’s commentary on the site is typically smart and funny, and generally an asset. I hope you’ll consider this as just one strike. As he said, he’s just starting to branch into the women’s market and has some learning to do in this area. Intelligent blogs like this one bringing issues to his attention are the first part of such a process.

    Thanks for listening,

  2. Dee Dee says:

    Get em’ G!
    this disgusts me…

  3. Chanel says:

    Wow, Mr. Steve from Krudmart that was really out of line and unnecessary.

    Even if you REALLY feel that way, seems like you would have been smart enough to see that writing something that alienated 51% of the population, thus economically not a good look for Krudmart. It’s hard enough finding dope ladies gear that isn’t condescending in nature or made for the “girl friend” of the cool dude who pays his rent to Nike. This pretty much just solidifies that the misogynistic nature of main stream is quite conferable in what use to be a lifestyle/culture that embraced empowerment of groups that are otherwise under (or mis) represented.

    Ladies, it’s 2009 we don’t need this shit, support who represents you.

  4. Aireekah says:

    clearly this man lacks common knowledge.
    yu ladies rock!

  5. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Joanna,
    Thanks for writing and explaining about Steve. I don’t doubt anything you’ve said. However, at the end of the day, all we have is our words. When speaking in public, for your company, etc., it’s always wise to think about how one’s words will be interpreted. In trying to appeal to one client base, he alienated another. I’ve worked with Steve and he’s been nothing but nice to me but his tone in the letter is just not appropriate. I feel compelled to point stuff like this out because this kind of stuff happens all the time, and unless people start speaking up about how it’s not ok, it will continue to happen. It’s nothing personal, just had to get it out there.


  6. fupeezy says:

    this is like the least news(blog)worthy/controversial sh!t ever.

    that said krudmart is the blueprint for ur favorite hipster boutique and steve K is golden god sculpted from pure boyish sex.


  7. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Fupeezy,
    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your opinion. I’m sorry you don’t think it’s “blog worthy” – you can start your own blog and make your own decisions about what’s worthy and not.

  8. Rachel T. rachie says:

    HERE HERE G!! you go girl!

  9. KayBe says:

    I think it’s really good to put this out there. So many dudes in this industry have attitudes like that and they REALLY need to grow up! They sound like little high school boys. They have the “cool guy” attitude and it makes me sick! What’s worse is that women put up with them!

  10. Vida says:

    Thank you for bringing this douche to my attention. There are a lot of choices for the indie/hipster consumer and this information is helpful when I decide where to spend my hard earned cash..

  11. ashlyxo says:

    I absolutely agree with G’s response to Steve K’s sexist and condescending “news”letter. Kudos on calling out the bullshit, you nailed it. I have supported Krudmart in the past and I personally will not do so in the future… unless, maybe (a BIG maybe), Steve makes an apology to all females, young AND older. Even then, KM’s image is tarnished in my mind. Chanel iced the cake G made in saying, “Ladies, it’s 2009 we don’t need this shit, support who represents you.”

  12. Sistargirl leilanie says:

    good call on this Gabriella. these double standards between a man “voicing his opinion” versus a woman “nagging/bitching/whining” must definitely be critiqued and talked about MORE, along with other double standards continually haunting us. this is VERY BLOG WORTHY and appreciated. keep it up!

  13. ashlyxo says:

    ok so I just read his rebut on another blog. ok so… yep KM forever lost my biz.

  14. Isis Nicole Isis Nicole says:

    Thank you for bringing this douche to my attention. There are a lot of choices for the indie/hipster consumer and this information is helpful when I decide where to spend my hard earned cash..

    I agree Vida!!

  15. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    Preach it G! Definitely blogworthy!

    “Ladies, it’s 2009 we don’t need this shit, support who represents you.” Big ups to that statement, Chanel! Very well put!

    Here are some online shops run by ladies…Giant Peach being one I’ve shopped at for a very long time. They’ve carried products for ladies and gents since the beginning, supporting all brands, without having to make a statement about it.

  16. BetseyJ says:


    Regardless of how someone acts in real life towards women, doesn’t mean they should come off another way on the internet. Considering chances are most of the people who came across this statement don’t actually know him in person. And to actually make such statements relating to your business is so ridiculous.


  17. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    PS. His statement, “…aside from getting to check out some chicks” makes me think he’s going to hire ladies to model the clothes…

    Models: Research the people who want to hire you before you agree to work with them! Make sure they see you as a respected employee and nothing less. The right moves will garner the respect we all deserve!

  18. Joanna says:

    Cool, Gabriela, I totally see where you’re coming from and agree. Aside from it making him look like a jerk, it’s also unprofessional. If I didn’t know him personally, I’d totally agree with everyone, which is why I feel his letter was a serious lapse in judgment and a poor representation of both Steve and his company. I think he’s aware of his mistake and is going to try to make good in true Steve K fashion. Keep up the smart conversation!

  19. Gabriella GDK says:

    Ladies, ladies. Be nice. No need to call names :)

  20. d. says:

    More comments from Steve K. and a buyer from the Krudmart co. can be read here:

    I’m really disappointed in how the women’s buyer easily dismissed the situation as ‘all of you know how men come off sometimes’, and that Steve ‘apologizes’ for his statement by trying to play the pity card.

    I will never buy from them again, and hope that Karmaloop, and any other level headed retailer sheds some light on the issue so that people don’t support their crap.

  21. Steve K says:

    You guys are seriously out of your minds. If you are going to take something that little and blow it this far out of proportion, you are not the kind of customers I want to be dealing with.

    The punishment far exceeds the offense here and you’re just ganging up on me on some bullshit. Go rub one out and relax the fuck out.

    I was nice to the girls on the Missbehave blog cause they were cool to me. You rabid weirdos obviously have some deep-seeded issues that go far beyond what little remarks I made.

    I’m gonna fly to New York and have sex with a stranger now.


  22. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for presenting your side of the story. Have fun in NY.

  23. hahah Steve. I’ll keep shopping at Karmaloop. Thanks Karmaloop!

  24. Josh R says:

    I know the economy is in the shitter, but you are all acting crazy. Steve K is a funny dude, and if this shit was written on, you’ll be laughing. Why don’t we worry about shit that matters?

  25. d. says:

    I wouldn’t be laughing if this shit was written anywhere.
    it’s not about being a feminist, its about calling people out on their shit.
    Steve ‘apologizes’ on Missbehave, but were any formal apologies or retractions sent via their mass e-mail list? No.

    This matters. Being respected matters.
    It’s equal to if he would’ve made comments against a group of people in criticism of their race.
    Really, this isn’t an attack on Steve, just the comments.

  26. Over it. says:

    Let’s face it…these days women get the better end of the stick. Though his comments were crude and cheeky, there would’ve been no issue if it were a woman saying the same thing to an audience of guys. I’m in the military and have had to put up with 3 years of the crudest, cheekiest, stalker-istic(?) men you could imagine and have built myself a tough, sand-papery outer shell…if this rubs you the wrong way, maybe it is something deeper than his comments, because little boys will be little boys, and always will be. The only solution is to yes let it be known that it bothers you, but not blow it out of proportion. It invites many more people to rally up, and stir the simple emotions of our beings, thus turning it into some sexist war that will never cease, and it’s a bit silly to try and change someone who didn’t mean the words he said out of hate or spite. Let the man realize his owns mistakes, okay? I think he’s taken enough of a beating from this…plus he’s sexy as hell and they ship to Afghanistan. Just saying.

  27. virgo1971 says:

    Wondering where this sexist war is leading us!
    Why is many women nowadays are so offensive and over react.
    This guy(Steve) if he was seriously a girl hater would have not obviously published such a statement that
    Correspond to the mood of his website.
    I think some people got lots of time in their head to over reacting
    To such things…I mean just printing those lines is tiring me already!

  28. pizzeo says:

    a lot of whining from whiny little girls is what this sounds like to me. Half of you wouldn’t be in such an uproar if there wasnt some truth to his rant. The initial post is off on a few levels. a. he doesn’t call “women” whiny little girls. he said usually his complaints are usually from whiny little girls. So why are you taking offense? and what’s wrong with dudes checking out chicks? you don’t want to be the objects of our desire? then stop looking so fucking hot all the time. don’t wear any make up or jewelry or high heels to make your ass poke out. stop showing your cleavage and getting your nails done. don’t shave your armpits or your legs if you don’t want our attention. don’t talk about it BE ABOUT IT!

  29. Mitch says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Waaaaah! Waaaaahh!

  30. Breann R says:

    I have personally known Stevie for many years. He has been nothing but a gentleman to me. He has gone out of his way to be respectful to my mother, aunts and my female friends. I would never be offended by his statements and am grateful that I am not overly sensitive like some of the people posting here. Perhaps it would have been fair to address your concerns with him in private conversation and allow him to actually respond sincerely rather than attacking him.

  31. Krish Krish says:

    Thanks for staying classy, ladies.

    Take your business elsewhere. And I hope you don’t defend someone who is 100% happy with coming off as a douche. Because that speaks volumes of your own character.

    Breann, you’re right, it’s always better to address things in person, but it seems your good friend is unrepentant and only exposure will give him the reality check he needs.

  32. JADESHA says:


  33. Susannah Frances Magers Susannah Frances Magers says:

    Right on, Krish. Couldn’t have said it better.

    Just as I was about to give Steve a break (and mostly due to the lovely Joanna; you are a good friend to this guy! Way to intelligently break it down and be an example of the right way to conduct this kind of conversation. He should take some pointers from you…) I read his latest response.

    No, Steve. We’re not “out of our minds”. You spoke irresponsibly and received due process. That said, I wasn’t about to jump all over you for it. But your latest response lacks even the tiniest amount of sincerity (as I’m sure was intended) and smacks of male bravado, only reinforcing why this all started in the first place…


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