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FRUITION says Hello to Jeremy Scott’s “Let Them Eat Gas”!

Let Them Eat Gas Collection

Let Them Eat Gas Collection

Jeremy Scott’s highly anticipated S/S 09 “Let Them Eat Gas” collection has finally been launched on Las Vegas’ finest, FRUITION!

This is not the first time M.I.S.S.’s favourite Jeremy Scott has come together with FRUITION to launch his wild, fun and tongue-in-cheek collections! The last taste of Scott on FRUITION being his $15 pin badges made of scrap materials from previous collections (and a couple from this s/s 09 one!), which dropped in early March.  If you go now you may still have a chance of catching some before they are all sold, click here!

Hit up FRUITION and prepare to salivate over all the Jeremy Scott “Let Them Eat Gas” goods, I sure did! Jeremy Scott has come through with his ‘A’ game once again with the S/S 09 collection. With inspirations deriving from the French Revolution fused with the flare of the 80s, this is most definitely a unique and jaw-dropping collection. My love of leggings and floral prints has made Scott’s ‘Floral Flights’ leggings a personal favourite! A pretty special and aesthetically beautiful piece from the collection is the ‘Hoody in Bloom’ zip jacket, which is also available on FRUITION. The delicate 3-D pleats and curve details on the sleeves are used to resemble a blooming rose which makes this one hell of a stand out jacket!

You better start gathering all your pretty pennies together before you even hit the FRUITION site! I can guarantee that your fingers will be tempted to click “Buy Now” on the Jeremy Scott pieces before you can even say “Let Me Eat the Damn GAS!”

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