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Fall ’09: Luminary Presents ‘The Space Blockade’


Luminary Presents 'The Space Blockade'

New York based accessories brand Luminary’s collection for fall 2009 showcases chic vs. raw simplicity at its best.

Aptly named ‘The Space Blockade’, the collection presents eerie out-of-this-world, geometric shaped pieces made of rustic metals and gems. For her latest offerings, Luminary designer Folasade Ologundudu was enthused by a summer’s trip to the Dali Exhibition in MoMA, NY. This trip triggered her train of thought to “transform one medium of art and design into another, and still retain an individual identity.” Aesthetically beautiful to look at, this conceptually designed collection of jewellery embodies the idea of simple yet architecturally-chic statement jewellery. For those who will own a piece from this collection come fall/winter 2009, be proud! This will be the talking point of your outfit; a piece of jewellery which will have the people questioning the oddness, the unique style and who designed such a rare piece.



Statement jewellery can be that special little something to make or break an outfit, and we know that Luminary’s fall/winter collection will be doing the goods for us! Watch this space, in the meantime keep posted through the Luminary blog whilst they put the finishing touches to their website.

Read the full story to see more images from their collection.

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