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miadidas: Create Your Own adidas

Adidas Custom

Adidas Custom

Custom adidas kicks have been available overseas since 2006, and now, with the launch of, the custom service is available worldwide. Customers can interact and personalize – whether you are a serious athlete or a sneaker head, adidas is delivering a design operation for all to enjoy.

First, you choose a sport or lifestyle sneaker and then you select your color base. Next, you have the option of personalizing the tongue, inner lining, laces, and sole. Depending on the sneaker your options change. If you opt for performance you can even choose two different sizes for your left and right foot.

For this review I chose to customize a sneaker myself, so that I could share the process. I went with a TS Bounce Commander, a basketball sneaker, it’s March Madness y’all!  This one was really fun to do because adidas has exclusive rights with the NBA to allow pro team emblems. Select NCAA teams are also available. The best part of designing a Bounce Commander? You can add a player quote and autograph on the underside of the lace cover! I chose Kevin Garnett’s quote “WE NOT ME!” Impossible is Nothing. Hey, I’m a Celtics girl at heart and I need these for the playoffs!

Adidas Custom 2

Adidas Custom 1

Throughout the process you can use the 360 view finder to evaluate each angle of the sneaker. There are lots of different options to define your style. In just three to four weeks they will be delivered to your front step. Score!

Read the full story to see more customization options.

Adidas Custom 3

Adidas Custom 2

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