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Boy Meets Girl: Summer 09

You know when your clothing is featured on shows like Gossip Girl, Sex & the City, America’s Next Top Model, and The Hills you’re onto a good thing.  Further proof that things are on the up would be having your clothes worn by the likes of Eva Mendes, Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.  So it’s safe to say that Boy Meets Girl founder/designer Stacy Morgenstern Igel is doing pretty well for herself!  This Lady kinda makes me feel like an underachiever – she triple-majored in Fashion Design, Retail and Business (I’m flat-out just doing one!) and then single-handedly built her company from the ground up.

Boy Meets Girls is all about “comfortable clothes that make you feel happy and sexy,” with a variety of inspiration taken from 1920’s Hollywood icons, to the music and art scene of downtown NY.  Great for girly-girls and tomboys alike, pieces range from sporty-casual to sleek and sexy – a lot of the time a mix of the two.

The Summer ’09 range screams simple sophistication with some slight preppyness, while managing to stay coy and playful at the same time – sounds like an impossible combo I know! Taking a step away from the sportiness of their Spring drop, the current line is a mix of playsuits, simple tees and tanks, and some cute dresses perfect for both day and night. The colour palette consists of a lot of black, with splashes of neon tangerine, mushroom pink, and grey. The beauty of such simple pieces is how you can either throw them on and walk out the door or pile on the accessories (and then walk out the door). Looking over the collection I had a hard time selecting images as I pretty much loved everything (a rare thing for me) – pick up any of these and you’ll be snapping necks in no time! Click here for stockists.

Continue to read on to see more from the Summer collection!

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