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Bond No. 9’s Recycling Program Still Going Strong



As of late, it seems that every industry imaginable is putting on their ‘green’ cap and making moves towards becoming eco-friendly. When it comes to perfume, don’t be fooled by the brands that claim they were the first to institute a recycling program in efforts to make their users more environmentally-friendly. Bond No. 9, whose perfumes are each dedicated to different parts of New York, was the original brand to institute its recycling program in April of ’07, a program that is still thriving today.

Feeding off of Mayor Bloomberg’s recycling push, Bond No. 9’s Laurice Rahme began a recycling program in 2007 to recycle not only empty Bond No. 9 containers, but any glass perfume bottle. Individuals are encouraged to bring their empty perfume containers to a Bond No. 9 New York store or to Saks Fifth Avenue. After donating your empty bottle, Bond No. 9 will recycle it. And remember, bottles are not required to be Bond No. 9 – you can bring in any brand’s empty bottle. For your good deed, Bond No. 9 will gift you with a refillable pocket spray. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved, and you even get rewarded for your eco-friendliness.

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