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Barbie’s 50th Anniversary @ Colette

Barbie has had quite the anniversary buzz celebrating her big 5-0. And who could do it better than the always glamorous lady herself? From fashion shows that have honored the four decade glam doll to deluxe items designed in admiration of her success, I have got to say being plastic pays off.

If you happen to be in Paris, France March 9th-28th check out Barbie’s birthday celebration at Colette. At this boutique will be all things that credit the bombshell’s success. If it’s anything like a Barbie dream world there has got to be lots and lots of pink oh and a delicious looking Ken!!

Exclusive designs for the Barbie collection by Jeremy Scott and products from Bless, Goyard, Azumi & David, and Uslu Airlines will be available.

Also listed for the anniversary is the release of limited edition products from designers selected by Colette- Married to the Mob, Bruno Frisoni, Alexis Mabille, Barbie Rocks of Beverly Hills, Jawbone, Domestic, and Linda Farrow.

Dylan’s Candy Bar sweets (btw, chocolate is my weakness) and special edition Le Baiser dessert by Laduree will make tasty treats for the celebration!

Guest can also enter the gallery of “Barbie and Ken” by Karl Lagerfeld. Images of Barbie and Ken (portrayed by model Baptiste Giabiconi) can be found here, and let me say they are so adorable. If you are one who has collector’s fetish, the photos in the gallery will be available for purchase.

Be sure to check out all the collabo’s from designers selected by Colette and Stila cosmetics.

Goodness, if I had the money and a passport I would book my flight TONIGHT!!!!

Read the full story to see more images.

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3 Responses to “Barbie’s 50th Anniversary @ Colette”

  1. Rachel T. rachie says:

    i want it allll :-( i wish i was in paris thenn!!!

  2. Isis Nicole Isis Nicole says:

    so i was wondering if anyone got footage, and this is what i found

  3. Wonderful post and blog. I stumbled on your site purely by chance and I’m really happy I did. Will be adding you to my favorites to visit again :)


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