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Bambako: Haute Headwear Not for the Faint of Heart

Bambako Headwear

Bambako Headwear

Hippie headbands have been all the rage lately, undoubtedly thanks to the likes of Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton. Hell, even Kim Kardashian was spotted less than a week ago sporting some funky knotted headwear. But let’s face it… unless you’re a flower child (or happen to dress like one), pulling off a Woodstock-inspired head accessory can seem like you’re trying a little too hard. And to be quite honest, sometimes us ladies just want to look a little more glammed up.

Luckily for our heads (and wallets!) there’s Bambako head wear, a collection of unique and trend-setting headbands that are sure to add a punch of color or edginess to any drab outfit. With the amount of detailing that goes into each piece, you wouldn’t believe that the cost of many of the headbands hovers around the $15 mark. There’s a headband for every possible mood you could experience, whether that’s fun, flirty, daring, or even when you want to be dark and mysterious.



If you’ve never been a girl who’s into feathers, don’t be so quick to dismiss Bambako. The feather detailing is subtle, never over-the-top. While most of the pieces are adorned with the avian detail, there are others that are decorated with other fabrics and accessories, such as the “Slap That Bass” headband, which features silk and satin ribbon in the shape of a flower.

It’s hard to believe that Bambako was created just last month, in February of ’09, after designer (and avid Martha Stewart fan) Abigail Ricarte graduated from college. A woman of many talents, Ricarte also has her own music blog, complete with inspiring photography and quotes. Between her blog and design abilities, Ricarte has definitely secured herself a spot on the style scene. So next time you’re stalking celebrities via gossip blogs, be on the lookout for Ricarte’s designs – don’t make us say ‘we told you so.’

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