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Aviator Nation: California Cool At Its Finest

We all know the indescribable feeling of that perfect tee. Everyone has one. It’s so worn in that the fabric basically molds to you, clinging to your body in all the right places. The softness is irreplaceable, created by the countless amount of wears and love you’ve given it over the years. Well, how would you like to experience this worn-in feeling in a completely new garment? It’s possible, and we’ve got the brand to prove it.

Enter Aviator Nation, the brain child of Paige Mycoskie. Mycoskie has spent years amassing her collection of vintage tees, which led her down the obvious path of discovering how to create the garments. After learning how to make these one-of-a-kind pieces, Mycoskie started Aviator Nation. The brand features vintage-inspired tees and sweats for men and women, perfect for translating from the surf to the street without missing a beat . . . appropriately so, seeing as Mycoskie spent years surfing the California coastline.

Aviator Nation designs are all vintage-inspired, using a touch of 1970’s style. Using Mycoskie’s applique method, each piece is hand-stitched, making every Aviator Nation garment unique. Both the men’s and women’s lines feature cropped sweatpants, ideal for wading in the shore without soaking the cuff of your pants (no rolling up necessary!). Also for the ladies and guys, tees and sweatshirts are adorned with stitched-on images of a surfer or runner. On the guys’ tees, Mycoskie’s hand-stitching is obvious in pieces adorned with plaid pockets and others with sewn-on stripes . . . casual enough for a beach side date, but can also be dressed up for drinks when the sun sets.

Read the full story to hear about Aviator Nation’s collection raising awareness of social issues and to see more photos.

Every year, Aviator Nation creates a line to raise awareness for a specific cause. This year, Aviator Nation created its Africa collection to heighten awareness about HIV and AIDS in the region. For every piece sold from the Africa collection, Aviator Nation will donate $10 to the Kenya-based organization “Comfort the Children.” The money donated will go towards purchasing medication for individuals with HIV/AIDS. Each garment also comes with an Aviator Nation-designed pin to raise awareness for the cause.

Aviator Nation pieces are currently sold only in stores in California, Colorado, Texas, and Japan. (For more information, visit Aviator Nation’s Web site.) However, don’t worry if you don’t reside in these states. You can buy pieces from Aviator Nation’s online store as well as from retailers such as Revolve Clothing, ShopStyle, Kitson Online, and Singer22. For information, check out the Aviator Nation Web site as well as the brand’s MySpace page.

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