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Apple Drops Talking 4GB iPod Shuffle

What’s old is new again.  Apple has quietly dropped a 4GB iPod shuffle that ditches the design of the previous version in favor of something more in line with the first generation shuffle.  There’s one major difference, though: this new shuffle features no face buttons whatsoever, moving all controls to an inline remote on the bundled earbuds.  The new design also adds a “Voiceover” feature that tells you what song is playing and who performs it at the touch of a button.  Voiceover speaks 14 different languages, from English (obviously) to Turkish.

On the downside, the 4GB shuffle is currently only available in silver and black, and the 2GB storage increase costs users 2 hours in battery life (10 hours of running time instead of the previous version’s 12 hours).  If none of that bothers you, though, you can pick yours up today at Apple’s online store or any of their retail stores for a cool $79.

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