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Andrea Crews FW09: Sisters Of Mercy

Andrea Crews presents “Sisters of Mercy” for FW '09

Andrea Crews presents “Sisters of Mercy” for FW '09

Andrea Crews presents “Sisters of Mercy” for FW09. A “dark” version of SS09’s “Sunset Empire“, the Fall collection covers time and space spanning morning, day and night. Morning presents itself through androgynous styles that use minimal silhouettes and the use of ombre “sky blue voile”, the shading from dark to light is reminiscent of day to night. 

Day is representative of a active time dedicated to Andrea Crews “basics”. Basics in the world of Andrea Crews means conventional pieces worn in unconventional ways: overalls turned upside down and over-sized t-shirts. Wool and angora pullovers are printed with snowfall, clouds, woodland, animal skin and the eye of God, in earth colors. African block wax prints bring a bit of “earthy-ness” to the collection as well as the fringe and slashing create a plant-like feel.

Night is displayed through cocktail dresses and black woolen and leather pelisses with details in wax. Expect the unexpected though…cocktail dresses are fit for duel personalities. Can’t decide between the black or the blue? The jumpsuit or the dress? Not to worry, Andrea Crews has you covered. You can wear both, at the same time.

The accessories incorporate wood and plant life.  And as always, all pieces are hand-made and include recycling vintage fashions to create haute couture pieces. Merging nature and fashion in a tribalistic fashion, welcome to the future of a tribe called Andrea Crews.

"Sisters of Mercy"

Sisters of Mercy

photographer: Giovanni CITTTADINI CESI

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