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We Got The Beat: It’s Not You, It’s Definitely Lily

This week, Lily Allen dropped her sophomore effort with It’s Not Me, It’s You. Maturing greatly from her debut Alright, Still where she took us through the streets of London, brawls outside of the club and the wicked mindset of a scorned ex-girlfriend – Lily is now taking a totally different road.

The album starts off strong with “Everyone’s At It,” talking about the influence of drugs and how it’s so easy these days just to get a prescription for a pill. “The Fear,” “22,” “F**k You” and “Him” also touch on issues dealing with society, politics and religion over mid-tempo melodic beats and hypnotizing harmonies.

Of course the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to relationships are laced throughout the album with tracks like “I Could Say,” “Back To the Start” and “Never Gonna Happen.” Shining songs in this category are “Not Fair” about the perfect boyfriend who just can’t satisfy in bed, and “Who’d Have Known,” exploring the fine line between being friends and a blooming romantic relationship.

The closing song “He Wasn’t There” ends on a paternal note where she brings to light the hardships she faced with the lack of her dad’s (Keith Allen, a British actor) presence in her life, yet she’s delightfully sings “I’m so pleased/ I didn’t give up on him.”

Well, I’m happy with all that Lily has faced during her miscarriage, broken relationships alcohol/drug incidents that she hasn’t given up her music and the fans haven’t given up on her.

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