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The Oscars: Red Carpet 2009 Review

Marion Cotillard in Dior Haute Couture

The 81st Oscars took place tonight and one word that summed up the night – from the set design, to the fashion – is CLASSY.  It seems like the actors took heed of all the previous award show fashion critiques because most of the dresses were gorgeous and there weren’t many mishaps.  The set design of the show was gorgeous – the curtain was made from 100,000 Swarovski crystals lit from behind.  The band was brought on stage to evoke the big band era of the 1940’s and the way the Best Actor categories were announced brought a few tears to the eyes.  That said, let’s get to the fashion!  There were definitely some trends – the main one being light, neutral colors like white and beige.  One of my favorite dresses of the evening was Nicole Kidman’s but sadly I don’t have a photo.

Pale Perfection

Pale colors were very popular on the red carpet from Marisa Tomei’s white Versace gown to Sarah Jessica Parker’s “barely mint,” pastels were the color of the evening.

Tarji P. Henson in Roberto Cavalli; Evan Rachel Wood in Elie Saab

Ms. Henson’s flower petal dress is gorgeous and she carries it so well. Ms. Wood’s dress is very sophisticated, and together with her retro hair, her look hearkened back to old school Hollywood glamour.  The dangling earrings and black nail polish were a nice touch.

Anne Hathaway in Giorgio Armani Prive; Jessica Biel in Prada

Both dresses are lovely – my only comment about Ms. Biel’s dress is that no matter how great your figure, no one really needs that much extra fabric in front.

Read the full story to see more photos and comments.

Miley Cyrus in Zuhair Murad; Penelope Cruz in Vintage Balmain

Two of my favorites of the evening were Ms. Cyrus’ Zuhair Murad gown and Ms. Cruz’s vintage Balmain dress. They were both dramatic and beautiful and these women glowed in their gowns.

Marisa Tomei in Versace

This gown’s pleating is gorgeous and looks like it could have been designed by architect Frank Gehry.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior Haute Couture

The dress is gorgeous – it’s haute couture (um, if you were going to the Oscars WHY wouldn’t you wear couture?????). I will say that I love SJP, but I think that after you reach a certain age you should stop wearing princess dresses with tulle skirts.

Red on the Red Carpet

Amy Adams in Carolina Herrera; Heidi Klum in Roland Mouret

Amy Adams pulled off having red hair and wearing a red dress but her Fred Leighton necklace stole the show. I didn’t love Ms. Klum’s red dress – the neckline was pretty – but wasn’t a big fan of the overall look (though it was for a good cause).

Sugar Plum Drops

Natalie Portman in Rodarte; Alicia Keys in Giorgio Armani Prive

This beautiful color showed up a few times on the red carpet and will be big for Fall ’09 (stay tuned for our tradeshow coverage!).

Belted Beauties

Kate Winslet in Yves Saint Laurent

This isn’t technically a belt but belt’s were big on the red carpet – see Marion Cotillard’s, SJP’s and Miley Cirus’ dresses pictured above. I loved the lace overlay on this dress and Ms. Winslet looked like a goddess in her asymmetrical dress.

Other Lovelies

Vanessa Hudgens in Marchesa; Freida Pinto in John Galliano

Ms. Hudgens’ dress was very pretty and the mermaid silhouette seemed to be pretty popular this year as well.  The black and white floral applique on the bustier was very pretty and age appropriate for the young starlet.  Ms. Pinto looked stunning in royal blue and I loved the lace but overall I was not a fan of this dress.  She’s such a stunning beauty and she has yet to wear a dress that can match her natural beauty (not a bad problem to have).

Beyonce in n/a; Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab

I never really like what Beyonce wears – the only cool thing I’ve ever seen her in are the Bless glasses from her Diva video. This dress illustrates her problem – the gold on that dress is too much (and she ALWAYS wears mermaid dresses). Beyonce has so much money I don’t understand her inability to hire a good stylist. Get mom off of the payroll, hire a proper stylist. Sorry, don’t mean to sound harsh, but she’s been on enough red carpets and made enough millions, no? As for Angelina, I can only say that I’m glad she finally dressed up for an award ceremony as her last few outings at award ceremonies this season were pretty boring. The dress was nice but her enormous emeralds stole the show.

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8 Responses to “The Oscars: Red Carpet 2009 Review”

  1. Dee Dee says:

    I concur on everything except I think Alicia Keys looked horrible with that wig, and I wasn’t terribly impressed with her choice of dress. Miley Cyrus was my favorite of the evening and following close behind was Taraji P. Henson. She really stepped it up!

    I think Beyonce is so set in this Hollywood glamour type stye, but it’s obvious her version of it, and what it really is, are two different things. I’m very disappointed in the dress she chose to wear tonight. Her dress at the Golden Globes wasn’t all that spectacular, but at least it didn’t look like my grandmothers throw pillows.

  2. Dee Dee says:

    hahaha @ ‘get mom off the payroll and hire a proper stylist’ lmao!

  3. BLB BLB says:

    Beyonce looks as though she’s wearing her grandma’s couch and Alicia Key’s just doesn’t look like her usual beautiful self, whoever told her that white eye-shadow looked good is not her friend! And “Dear Heidi” your dress does not need to match your shoes and your purse…I think she forgot the Oscars where tonight and just put on whatever…not impressed. Ladies, holler at me if you a need a stylist…I got you 😉

  4. NiccaK says:

    Alicia is not wearing a wig. That’s her real hair. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you always have to wear an afro or brades. That’s the classic hollywood hair style that she matched very well with the strong make-up in the eyes. She was certainly one of the few good ones of the night. Beyonce…well people say that she is really a nice person and I believe it but maybe she is so nice that people don’t have the guts to tell her that her sense of style (and especially her mother’s) is just awful. I don’t even have words to qualify that dress.

  5. Giovanna says:

    Miley Cyrus by far my favorite…all the girls at work today were talking about how horrible her dress was. Totally disagree. As soon as I saw it I immediately thought of the Dior Junon dress….absolutely STUNNING.

    see the resemblence:

  6. Dee Dee says:

    I saw a close up of A. Keys and that is def a wig. and i’m black, so i totally understand the ‘afro or braids’ comment, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t have chose a better wig to wear to the awards. maybe one that doesn’t look so obvious. beyonce wears lace front wigs all the time, and no one ever questions whether or not its her own hair because it looks flawless.

  7. Gabriella GDK says:

    Giooooovvvaaaaaa, my little sister is so smart – and she has good taste :)

  8. April Fresh says:

    I agree! Beyonce looked ridiculous!!!!! That dress made her look extremely *large*, and the girl’s got a fabulous figure! I wish she’d just trash the HOD line and start wearing other designers clothes again. And mermaid style dresses RARELY ever look decent on anyone with hips!!


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