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M.I.S.S. VEGAS 02.09: Reebok at Project

Reebok continues into Fall 2009 with its iconic freestyle in a whole host of colorways and fabrications.  Stay tuned for popular 80s colors like fuchsia, purple and turquoise paired with geometric patterns and stripes.  Color was a strong feature and was also featured in the 7 deadly sins pack where the pump omni light was matched to a color and sin; from lust to greed, all the sins were represented with lace locks proclaiming sin.  The most exciting aspect of the Reebok collection is the Affili’Art collection where the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Rolland Berry and John Maeda were translated on a new canvas – sneakers.  The Jean-Michel Basquiat models were definite standouts – the trademark crown, scribbles and use of color –his work looks as fresh today as it did over twenty years ago.  Reebok silhouettes seem like a natural canvas for his art that was born in the streets.

Read the full story to see more pictures from the collection.

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