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Political Roundup: Recovery.gov

On February 17, 2009 (just last Tuesday) President Obama signed the $787 billion dollar economic stimulus package, also known as The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, into law. The stimulus legislation, which was approved by Congress on Friday February 13th with very little Republican support, is the most sweeping economic package in American history.

President Obama believes this stimulus package will create or save up to 3.5 million jobs nationwide over the next two years, which is a bonus since according to the US Department of Labor some 11.6 million Americans are currently unemployed (as of January 09) and businesses all over the country are going under every day.

But the best part of this new stimulus plan is Recovery.gov. For the first time in any administration the American people will be able to see exactly where their tax dollars are going to help restart the economy. In an effort to have his administration be completely transparent, President Obama has provided this website as a way for Americans to finally feel comfortable enough to hold their government accountable to it’s actions.

Check out the video below of President Obama explaining Recovery.gov and how he hopes the website will be a useful tool to the American people. Be sure to visit the website and do your part to hold this government responsible!

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