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Mix Tapes Are For Lovers

A mixtape and a memory stick, make for an uber-clever remix, and possibly a really dope date (a man who gives you music is definitely worth considering). The innovative folks at SUCK UK created a ‘Memory stick with mix tape style gift pack’. It’s a pseudo C60 cassette tape which lifts open and embedded in it is a 64MB USB memory stick with an hour worth of all the jams that tells you how he really feels; track 6 is ‘Rock With You’. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, because music is the best gift ever – well for a recession it is. Like SUCK UK says, “every mix tape is a love letter,” so tell your story selecta.

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One Response to “Mix Tapes Are For Lovers”

  1. Rachel T. Rachie-pie says:

    I saw this in a gadget shop today on sale for like £4.99!! Suck UK is soo funny! I done a post on them before too!


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