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M.I.S.S. VEGAS 02.09: Miss Wax at Project

The Miss Wax Fall Collection of costume jewelry took inspiration from the 1950’s and 1960’s era when space exploration was beginning and UFO movies dominated the movie drive-in screens.  The perspective for the designs was, “what would someone from back then picture the future like?”  Well, for Miss Wax, the answer is clear.  The “future” would include flying pigs, astronauts and flatware as jewelry.  The collection included lots of clustered dangling earrings, rings and their newest item – magnetic bracelets.  The genius of the magnetic bracelet is apparent – remember the last time you were alone and tried to put on a bracelet by yourself?  Add acrylic nails to that equation and you have a recipe for disaster!  Lucky for you, Miss Wax knows what it’s like being a girl.  Another highlight of the collection is the bar necklace – the way it lays on your decolette is sure to attract a few stolen glances.  The look of the line was also gravitating to the use of  “bigger, funkier” chains for necklaces and bracelets.

Miss Wax also has an exciting collaborative project with Hellz Bellz launching later this year in October.  The two worked together back in 2006 and they decided to combine forces again to create 2 new items:  dangling cluster earrings and a 2-finger ring.  The cluster earrings feature Hellz Bellz icons like the broken bottle and stylized “Hellz.”  The 2 finger ring also features the broken bottle motif with Hellz and Miss Wax engravings.

Hear about the inspiration for the line and the Hellz Bellz collab from Kylee, the designer herself, by watching the video below!  If you want to support the brand, you can purchase Miss Wax online here.

Read the full story to see more photos of the collection.

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