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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Pick of the Week: Recession Claws II – Get Hard Ass Nails – Figuratively, Literally from Sally Hansen

“It’s a recession, duh baby, where you been?”
“I been at the drugstore fool.”

Yesssssssss, that’s right, I have been at the drugstore, and I’ve been scoping out less expensive alternatives to some of my favorite beauty products, and my latest and greatest find, and also this week’s RECESSION BUSTER PICK, is Sally’s Hansen’s Hard as Nails (original formula in clear).

As a reformed nail biter, Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails was a product I used to use before the switch to the other side happened. Now as a lady trying to stretch her beauty dollars hella far, it’s a product I’ve come back to for three very good reasons:

1) This clear polish is an AMAZING top coat that protects your manicures for up to two weeks. (And I’m very hard on my hands!)

2) It cost ONLY $2.89 vs. $12.50, the price tag of my absolute favorite top coat – (OPI’s designer series top coat with diamond dust). See my M.I.S.S. post on it here.

3) Great worn alone for weak, brittle nails, as it strengthens and makes your nails very HARD, hence the name.

Like with any polish, just make sure to allow plenty of drying time, and fyi:The top of the brush handle is smaller than most typical nail polishes, so may take a moment of getting used to. Otherwise ladies, get ready for some hard ass nails.

Cost: $2.89
Value: Great
Accessibility: Excellent
Where: Drugstores

Enjoy and stay posted for more beauty tips and picks to come next week!

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